German NT Thread


What is not to understand? Low chose for his ‘own’ players and it backfired. Plus they’ve peak already 4 years ago and are on their way back.


Mexico had so many breakaways (2 on 1, 3 on 2) long before they finally scored their goal. An experienced German team would usually adjust fast and not sit and die. Yesterday, seemed like they did not care.

I know missing Hector affected their left side attack, but how could they crowded their right side and had 90+% of their attack there? Muller (useless) was there, Kimmich overlapping a lot, and even Ozil drifted to the right in many times. Finally we had Reus, a left midfielder coming out, and healso jammed on the right side. WTF happened to the left side??? 4 players on the right?

Also wasn’t it strange that the players that had most touches and passes were Boateng and Kimmich, 2 defensive players, but not Kroos, not Ozil, and even Hummels??

Also if they decided to cross the ball out from 2 sides (mostly right), why didn’t they put Gomez on earlier but wait till 80th minute???

For me, Mexico did have a good game plan, but it was Germany to lose it.


it was a blip. Die Manschaft will be back in full force against Sweden.


I hope so


how do you reckon Jogi will line up in the next game?


I don’t know the role of Plattenhardt yesterday, but seems like he wasn’t ready for the big tournament at all. If Hector is available, Jogi has to put him back there, to balance out the squad.

Muller is in shit form for more than a year. If Jogi put Reus there in the 2nd half yesterday, I will let Reus to start on the right. The right side dominated the possession too much yesterday, and it was not really Draxler’s fault for not performing. He did had some good one on one dribbling and went deep to cross the ball out. So I will keep him.

Khedira was another player dispossessed a lot yesterday and shit on defense. I will start a younger Goretzka.

Other positions, I will keep them all.


I think he needs to go with a 4-3-3

Khedira doesn’t get around the pitch like he used to, him and Muller should be dropped.


Not only should Sané have been in the squad, he should be starting. Joke of a decision.


I’m a huge advocate for 4-2-4 in this tournament. I honestly can’t see why the big teams aren’t applying it against smaller nations. You’ve got two strikers and two wide men and it’s so easy to transition to 4-4-2 when you’re defending or even a 4-5-1.

For me, there’s no justification for countries like France and Argentina not making the most of the fact that they have fantastic strike forces.

This 1 striker formation is leading to a hell of a lot of isolated forwards and it won’t get better.

Against bigger nations, it’s understandable to apply caution and have a more advanced shape. But not against the less favoured and weaker nations.


I know… Its heartbreaking isnt it.


Being honest here… nope.

First they are not really the favorite here… never thought they could repeat as champion… I expect France and Spain to win it all.

Also I invested too much emotions on hockey with my son this year… I am just drained… I do question the arrangements by Jogi Low, but when the final whistle was on, I was numb.
They deserved to lose, that’s it. No more.

Yesterday after the game (and lunch), I even went to hockey store to buy a stick for my son.


Chin up…:unai:


Of course Muller and Boateng will take the headlines for Germany’s struggles, but Draxler has been pretty shite in the 2 games as well, hasn’t he?

Just thought I’d put that out there.


Draxler has always been shit.


Its written die manschaft will this WC and show no mercy in they pursuit of ultimate glory !


Looool what a fraudulent XI

Can’t wait till Brazil avenge the 2014 game.


The real test of a player comes when he is playing in a shite team. Muller has never been tested in that regard, just FRAUDET his way to the top. If his name was Steven Mclovin and he played for West Ham he wouldnt look out of place and people wouldnt notice him.


And why would you want that?


Because then, with no Ozil, Boateng, or any other ‘obvious’ scapegoats, the fraud Thomas Muller will be fully exposed, ideally retire from NT football and move to the MLS.


The whole team played shit… Muller, Boateng, Khedira are all having shit game(s) and shitter than Draxler.

He was the captain to lead the German NT to win the Confederation Cup… he ain’t no shit, but just having some shit games.