Gabriel Paulista


Do you really need to ask that when through the most recent years we have had to put up with players like Almunia, Squillaci, Silvestre, Eboue, Chamakh, Bendtner, etc? Wenger has a tendency of tolerating below average players in his squad. For me the explanation is that he cannot rotate, control and keep happy a full squad of first team potential which is why he opts for weaker players who would be happy to sit on the bench in a team like Arsenal.


Terrible yesterday. Id rather see Holding in there


Exactly the point I made. We can scapegoat Gabriel all we want but we weren’t keeping goals out with Mustafi in the team and we’re doing no better with him out of the team.


Apparenrly Gabs and Lucas had a little bust up in the tunnel after the WBA game, anybody know what it was about?


Solid performance yesterday. He is a decent player to keep as squad player.


I like this guy, I hope Wenger can turn him into a Koscielny type. He’s still young, he can grow.


Apparently it was about the lack of tracking back by Lucas, so nothing really to be worried about.


Ok thanks. Thats actually great to hear. The fact that Gabs was angrily telling Perez to track back shows we do have some determination, otherwise he would have just kept quite about it. I wonder what would have happened if we had lost …


Behind Sanchez and Coq I’m not sure if there’s a more passionate player in our team. I love this guy! He looked a little lost at times playing CB but damn he’s deputized at RB like a G. He’s even getting into some good offensive positions and making some passes.


I admire his passion, but I’m a little bit tired of his “one good game, three bad games”. Tonight he wasn’t better than Hoyte or Traore.


Gabriel= :xhaka: + :cech:


Useless piece of shit. Get lost.


Arsenal doing an Arsenal.




This guy is truely useless.


He is just another Squillaci/Sylvestre.


He is okay today IMO


we were fucked as soon as he came on :joy:


Well when you concede 4 goals from the moment he comes on in a 15-20 minute spell it’s safe to say he’s probably not particularly good.


We were fucked not because of him… come on…
Don’t let our tying goal confuse you… Bayern DOMINATED the whole fucking game.