Gabriel Paulista


Lewy’s header was on Mustafi
Thiago’s goal was a deflection on Xhaka
Muller’s goal was a mistake by Ox…
I don’t remember Thiago’s other goal.

How could we put the blame on Gabriel???


Agree people piling on Gabriel as if we weren’t getting owned the whole game with Kos on the field and as you said others could be said to be more at fault.

With that said it’s been evident he isn’t good enough, he’s bust status at this point and should be moved on.


I can only say, he is not a starting material ATM.
He works hard, very hard, but got a hot head and limited in skills… I really don’t want to write him off.


Not good enough, never has been. Cheap signing when we should have signed world-class. Cowards.


Perhaps under a different system and manager he wouldn’t as bad but here he’s not comfortable in possession, can’t pass and his anticipation is sorely lacking.

Not gonna work for him here IMO, he’ll continue to get lit up like a Christmas tree.


can’t disagree

In fact, I believe a change of manager can improve quite a number of players, not only Gabriel


I’d rather Holding get minutes before this guy.




Was talking to someone about which players you’d like to see moved on this summer, if you were limited to just 3, and unfortunately Gabriel was the first name on my list.

Chambers is getting a lot of minutes in a defensively well-drilled Middlesbrough team and there’s Holding as well, plus Mertesacker staying on. Very expendable squad member


I do agree. Chambers has gained a lot of experience with Middlesbrough. He is ready.


Basiced on this season its hard not to look past:

Elneny or Coq


He was always a strange signing.

A player who is not comfortable in possession, can’t pass, has poor anticipation and composure, then there’s the language barrier. Doesn’t scream Arsenal player whatsoever so what possessed the club to sign him is anyone’s guess.

Holding looks years ahead of him despite being five years younger and only just making the step up to PL level. Should be moved on at the earliest opportunity and have his game time given to Holding.


If i recall correctly he was a StatsDNA signing. Win some lose some i guess.

I thought he was a good RB though?


Think he’s proven to be adequate cover as a RB this season but the truth is I’d rather go into next season with a recognised RB as cover for Bellerin rather than a man who can’t pass properly and has no real composure.

He’d have been brutally exposed eventually.


Was such a pussy tonight, ducking out of aerial duels like a little bitch one of which led to their goal.

What’s funny is he was very aggressive when he first arrived but inevitably it’s been beaten out of him, I’d like to see Holding take over. I’ve been far more impressed with him than Gabriel and he’s only just come up from league one.

Gabriel is bust status IMO and will never excel here particularly under Wenger.




Just not good enough. A €12m signing from mid-table Villarreal lol.


We should be giving Holding the game time and its annoying we aren’t.


His best performance in an Arsenal shirt


Doesn’t matter what happens today he has been absolutely outstanding. It’s amazing what defensive organisation can do to your defenders performances.