Gabriel Paulista


Damn, that hit me.


He had a good game on Saturday allbeit against inferior opposition !


He seems like a top man. I like him a lot. He’s been fantastic deputizing at RB, hope he sticks around he’s still very young and playing at RB might help him improve his ball playing skills.


That is heart breaking to watch :sob:


Honestly we shouldn’t.


This guy was definitely a full back in another life. I think even if Debuchy were fit right now I’d have Gabriel in there.

He could carve out a useful niche for himself as 2nd choice right back and 3rd choice centre back whilst Holding/Chambers come through.


^Yep, I’m honestly surprised with how well he’s taken to that position, it suits him so well and shores up that defence competently enough by Arsenal’s own standards. His touch and footwork are oddly a lot different than what we’ve seen of him at CB, where sometimes he may get caught out and lunge to cover, alas, maybe there is more room for error at RB now as opposed to being nigh on infront of goal.

Respect Gab.


Didn’t believe he was such a good RB. It’s definitely our Bellerin’s cover.


I’m surprised too, he is way better than our last brazilian fullback. Anyone disagrees?



Yeah his performances at full back have been a very nice surprise.


Good work Gabriel!


Definitely much better at RB than at the center of defense where he is rather a liability.


To be fair, full back isn’t the hardest position in the world. Just make sure your goal side of your winger, and support the team when attacking. It’s also a position where you probably get the most time on the ball. Fair play to Gabriel though, he’s done a job.


Looked really insecure, especially 2nd half. Shame as I thought he was ready for it.


Yeah he has no excuses either been at the club for 2 years now.


Lol! “What a great RB back up he is!”, “FFS! Why is still here?”. We really deserve nothing with such a bunch of fickle fans.


Just not good enough. Wenger is a smart man. Why in the blue hell can he not see Gabriel Koscielny cannot work as a partnership!!! :tired_face: :tired_face: He even drags Koscielny down a few levels ffs




Lol C’mon he’s awful every time he plays at center back. How can you not see this? :joy:


I agree that his overall package as an Arsenal CB is not good enough. But every criticism about his defensive work in the last two games are applicable to the whole back line.

When will we learn that defending is about collective shape and organisation, which includes the midfielders and forwards, not just individual central defenders?

Mustafi is a loss but for me Gabriel has performed no worse (purely in terms of defensive duties) than Koscielny has this past week.

Our teams defensive failures are down to a lot more than him, and we were still failing to hold clean sheets with Mustafi in the team.