Gabriel Paulista


Full name: Gabriel Armando de Abreu

Date of birth 26 November 1990
Place of birth São Paulo, Brazil
Height 1.85 m
Playing position Centre back


I’m reading, talking about Gabriel Paulista, the same words who I’ve read in the past for Laurent Koscielny who now is one of best CB in Europe and during the Euro a former great defender like Giuseppe Bergomi (anyone remember who is he?) said about Lolo who is outstanding.

Now, Gabriel Paulista, after his first six good months, has showed all his limits to refine ASAP. The most important is the language 'cause I don’t understand how you can’t speak fluently the english language after 18 months in London.

The second is lack of concentration, 'cause it’s criminal to make the same error for a player with his status. He has been called by Brazil, played two years in Spain with great results, now is in London since January 20015.

I know, to buy another defender is a simple solution, but could be a good idea to wait him like we waited Koscielny after his lowest point with our squad (the final vs Birmingham at Wembley).

A player who is capable to play games like vs Liverpool (2015), vs Everton (2016) and others, deserves a major time to see how is he. Leonardo Bonucci, before to be considered one of the best CB in the World, was set to leave Juventus because was considered a shit defender.


This is the season for me to decide writing him off or not


Yep, Per and Laurent won’t be turning out every week for us so the CB’s in line behind them will be given serious chances. Holding is a wild-card right now but going off his previous performances, and his character in general, could prove to be a positive one at that.

Gab was prone to an error every other game iirc last season, ironing out those mistakes this season would be an improvement.


He can’t do shit while Koscielny is here. They’re both #2 CBs, so it’s Mertesacker+Gabriel or Mertesacker+Koscielny. If we want to improve our defence we have to replace Mertesacker with another #1 CB, but Gabriel has no place in this team other than if Kos has a terrible run of form.

There will never be a successful Koscielny+Gabriel partnership. They both want to be the guy charging out and making that killer tackle.


Has his Tonsilitus got better ? Has he had the OP will he ever play again ?


Wondering about this too. How long can you be out with tonsilitis? If he isn’t playing in the friendly in a couple days, something weird is definitely happening.


Looks like he has done his knee. Completely turned on it… Horrible, absolutely horrible


Another CB out…FML


Poor Gabs :cry: looked awful


I hope he’s ok. Now it’s time to spend some fucking money. Jesus


Fuck sake, the game was finished!


Poor guy :frowning:


Not convinced by him at all if I am honest, but it is always gutting to see our players go down like that. Looked painful and agonizing… so stupid that we are in this position… needed to upgrade the position all gd summer and now 2 of our possible starters there are injured and we basically don’t have any option going into our first game. Shambles.


Excellent start to the season, good news


Watch us start Nacho at CB :joy:


Seems likely. He’ll put Gibbs out left and start Nacho and Chambers most likely. I really don’t like Chambers, but I can’t see Holding getting the nod being inexperienced with the premier league. Can see us giving up some goals in the first two games.


His injury, despite he is not good enough to be part of a big club, is a bad bad news.

Get well soon Gabby!


Concerning Chambers is his stagnation due to circumstances at the club or his own quality? Started brightly and then fell off the map.

Hope the same doesn’t befall Holding.


Yep. Per’s been out for close to 3 weeks now as well. Going into the summer, it was a position of need and Wenger didn’t do anything. Per’s hurt and he’s “looking,” but couldn’t pull the trigger so, a new signing wouldn’t be ready for the first game. Now, Gabriel might be out a while.

I guess we hope that Holding is ready to go (gulp), since Kos is out to start the season.

Shambles once again and entirely of the club’s own making. Pitiful and pathetic.