Gabriel Magalhães (6)

Quality. Imagine that three were calls to drop him pre World Cup. He adds so much to our defence.

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Tbf, I think right before the World Cup is when he started being in-form and Saliba dropped off.

Might be ridiculous to say but I do wonder if the hair has played any part in his rise in form. :rofl:


I had a friend in college who would roll his shorts up after a run to get extra tan. The thought being if you looked good, you’d run even better.

what could have been…

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So assured again tonight. Even in the first 40 was very reassuring breaking up and cancelling out any half chances of hope for them.
Brought Saliba game back on point too.


Thought the defense as a whole looked the best it has in a while. Last two games really.


I was watching this with someone and the word is definitely getting spread. He’s having a very good season and I think he deserves to be in the conversation for the best CB in the league.



Should be benched for Kiwior and never play for this club again.

Loved him celebrating a block in stoppage time when we’re up by 3 goals. Clean sheet kept. :white_check_mark:


Brilliant again today. Showing his experience with that 38 year old hairline.

So important to our spine.


For me he’s our true captain out there. Bossing a lot of situations.


His HT doctor catching a stray for no reason! I think he looks good.

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Thought his attitude was something else recently - in the game he was tackled on a few occasions and his response was no problem im gonna get you and literally would hack the opposing player and let him know he was there :rofl: by pointing at him and smiling :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking at the season as a whole, he’s been our best defender by quite a margin. Super consistent, super dominant, loves going to war, doesn’t get intimidated at all.

Bottom line is that our title challenge has been built on this CB pairing. All title challenges need that solidity and reliability at the back. You dont see it through unless you get those narrow clean sheet victories.

And Gabriel has been rock solid. I would be very surprised if other clubs don’t come knocking for him in the summer. Glad he extended to 2027.


To think there were people calling for him to be dropped despite his obvious quality lol


All the attention Saliba gets will work in our favour I actually love Gabby, Ramsdale and White being out of the limelight and snubbed for internationals more often than not.

The longer we keep them all together the better, that includes Saliba although I know we’ll get an offer we can’t refuse for him at some point


No He is not.

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He’s not but I’d have him as the best this season closely followed by Stones and then Saliba.

It is too early to say Gabby is on a par with Van Dijk, Dias or even Varane.