Gabriel Magalhães (6)

Not as bad as Klinsmann though.

he got away or not, we spectators have eyes and own judgement.

I won’t disagree…
but… (yes, but), Klinsi was a WC and Euro winner, Kane… what did he win?? please educate me on this :poldi:

Audi cup, mate. Great motor. Got one of them meself.

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His trophy cabinet is just full of Golden Boots

big deal, yeah…

3 times… not sure how many of them were non-PK goals

This guy has the best social media game in our squad.


What was he saying that in response to?

Edit: oh in response to Fernandes being a yappy little bitch.

Probably the doubters, which there were many.

Needless I remind people a week or so ago Man Utd were eyeing to be 2nd and around 3-6 points behind us after this game, they’re now 4th, 11 points behind us(and we still haven’t played Everton at home).

Their title charge lasted a fucking week. :coffin:


Bird poop

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Was the best of the backline but he did have one or two bozo moments.

The more and more I think about it I think White and Gabriel duo needs a comeback.

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best of the back four feels bad when he gave away a pen saved by a marginal offside and gave away the ball for Grealish’s goal :neutral_face: we struggled defensively didn’t we. on a tangent, Ramsdale was good at least :sweat_smile:

Part of defending is holding a line and so I think he gets credit for that. Plus Haaland drags Gabriel backwards, the VAR didn’t review I guess because of the offside making it moot but it definitely could have been called a foul going the other way.

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No problem was he allowed Haaland to bully him in the end.
That’s why Haaland was happy at the end of that game.
He won the arm wrestle. Keown needs to get down to Colney today and have a word.
Always going to be a key battle in these games. Don’t let him get away with the elbow without taking some retribution a bit later on. Make it personal especially with a return game coming up.

That challenge he made inside the box to stop Leon from going one-on-one with Ramsdale. My lord. My heart stopped.

Away days Gabriel. :ok_hand:


Outstanding today. Lead brilliantly and read the game superbly.
Adams would of loved his leadership today.


Yeah, he was absolutely terrific. Won so many of aerial duels. :rofl:

Yup, was thinking the same during the game.

Think it gets underrated how much extra work he does due to the role we use Zinchenko in. He has to do a lot of work running backwards or sideways and covering huge amounts of space.

It’s the exact issue you see a lot of defenders face when they move from a smaller club who play a lower block to a big team where they spend a lot of time further up the pitch. It’s a whole different game when you’re in a really open space like that.

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He really is.

What a unit. He’ll be a Seleção starter soon.


Yep excellent performance. Time and time again he’s shut home teams down.

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