Gabriel Magalhães (6)

Not as bad as Klinsmann though.

he got away or not, we spectators have eyes and own judgement.

I won’t disagree…
but… (yes, but), Klinsi was a WC and Euro winner, Kane… what did he win?? please educate me on this :poldi:

Audi cup, mate. Great motor. Got one of them meself.

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His trophy cabinet is just full of Golden Boots

big deal, yeah…

3 times… not sure how many of them were non-PK goals

This guy has the best social media game in our squad.

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What was he saying that in response to?

Edit: oh in response to Fernandes being a yappy little bitch.

Probably the doubters, which there were many.

Needless I remind people a week or so ago Man Utd were eyeing to be 2nd and around 3-6 points behind us after this game, they’re now 4th, 11 points behind us(and we still haven’t played Everton at home).

Their title charge lasted a fucking week. :coffin: