Gabriel Magalhães (6)


Bad hairline - Pass

Said a couple of times that I didn’t think another centre back made sense, financially/number-wise,…unless 3/5 at the back will be remaining. In that case Bellerin and Tierney really have to step up next season in attacking sense. Otherwise Arsenal might not lose often, but isn’t going to win either.

It’s all good if there will be a number of departures though, so if we bring him in feels like that will be the case.

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Honestly if yes as good as people who watched him say, and we get him, I think we are set at CB for the foreseeable future.

Just need to shift a few of them.

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We have many CBs, but of those are players that should be move on and shouldn’t be counted for on the long and short term. Chamber, Holding, Sokratis, Mustafi and Mavropanos are shit and should not be considered in the planning except as asset to be sold.

Tbf, PL is the toughest league in the world. Have there been many CBs coming in from a different league that had a good first season? Even Laporte, he needed some tine to get adjusted. Granted, he arrived in January so there’s that too.

Mavropanos is on loan at Stuttgart he won’t be at Arsenal next season. But I don’t see Arsenal getting rid of Mustafi and Sokratis. In that case we still have a lot of defenders. Plus Arteta can always drop Tierney back etc. But we will have to wait and see.

And for the first but certainly not the last time this transfer window I ask:

Who the fuck is this cunt?

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No idea. His name doesn’t even lend itself to puns easily. What’s the point!


Yeah Willian and Coutinho share this dilemma. No puntential.


I’m not even sure how to pronounce his name? Meg-Harlas? Megerlas?? Fucked if I know.

I think if you are willian to work for it, you will find a way to make a pun with one of these player’s names.

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If we do sign Gabriel, I think Arteta must be planning for 3 at the back.

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We should definitely start the season with it.
That would ease both of them in.

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We’re signing two centre backs aged 23 and 19 from the french league and neither have even had a full season at that level.

Seems somewhat optimistic that these two players are just gonna slot into the first 11 in the premier league with David Luiz somehow being the glue that guides us through this…


Got a feeling this transfer rumour is complete BS. We’ll see

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But isn’t that why we play 3 at the back? For greater stability for adapting CBs and to cover for Xhaka