Gabriel Magalhães (6)

Yeah, as good as Saliba has been this season, he should look at his colleagues and understand that there are levels to this game, and that he doesn’t stand out as being our best defender yet at this tender age. They’re players he can still very much learn from.


He can and sure his level has dropped a little but he is still a motherfucking Rolls Royce.

Now sure, he may be a RR Ghost compared to the Phantom of Gabriel and Cullinan of White. But still. A RR is a RR.

We need to PAYUP

(On topic, loving Gabriel’s recovery from his early season odd mistakes.)

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In that first half he was constantly getting to the ball before Kane, helping to sustain the Arsenal pressure. Top performance


Just a powerful defender in the air, I’ve always got faith he’ll win the header when defending set pieces.

Was great with anticipates winning the ball this afternoon also…


When he’s on it (and that’s been the vast majority of the season), he’s an absolute physical force with excellent decision making.

Top class in the air and loves a scrap too.

He is the spine of our defence - need him to stay fit if we want to maintain this title charge.

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There was a few months there where people were really hating on him and now I’m seeing people say Saliba needs to learn from him haha

What a turnaround, he’s always been quality though


Once again, love this guy.

I loved it when he went full Italian :slight_smile:

It’s the hair growing back.

Was driving me crazy seeing people suggest that we drop him. He was always so important to the way we play.


Yeah exactly, same here.

White, Saliba and Zinchenko provide the tekkers in our defence but Gabriel, as equally important, brings raw physicality and power.

Really showed that yesterday.

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We all know who it is spreading Magalhães negative propaganda too :sol:

I won’t name names though.

That’s the thing about Gabriel- as well as his physical strengths he has very strong ball carrying and very strong progressive passing. He actually is very comfortable at bringing the ball out the back and passing into dangerous areas or pinging a cross field pass

He’s got some issues to iron out but he’s largely a very complete CB


The best part is he’s still so young, in CB terms.

When Liverpool bought VVD, it transformed their team. But we’re lucky enough to have THREE players that are capable of reaching his level and they’re still young in defenders terms.



He’s so pocketing Haaland when we play City.


Been saying all season that our defence wouldn’t be anywhere as potent without Gabriel. Okay, he isn’t White or Saliba on the ball but his physicality and aggression is a key component of what makes us a solid outfit.

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That is an extremely satisfying video.


That video shows what a diving cunt Kane is. He will be all over a player and once he realises he can’t win the ball he will go to ground.

That’s why I always rate Lineker and Shearer over Kane. The diving act is so annoying and embarrassing.
As blatant as those fucking Barca players did.


If he was at united he would have got away with even more