Gabriel Jesus (9)



Baby faced assassin.


Mentality king!

doing the talking on the field


I think its not a coincidence we looked this good on his first start for us this season.


His acceleration is still excellent

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He needs to be more clinical imho

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Players like Jesus are why people pay big bucks to watch football.
This is what got me into football in the first place. Watching guys like Thierry, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cristiano, Totti, etc.

Dude was on some “Joga Bonito” shit yesterday.


An insane talent.

Let’s not forget, when he just arriwed, he was so ahead of anyone on the pitch, except for Partey. He carried our attack at the time.

If he manages to stay injury free… we will have a very good season. :arteta4:

It would def be nice if he never picked up an injury again :smiley: Realistically we need to get another striker going at the club, be it Eddie or Havertz but we need another player that can add as ~ much to the team as he does off the ball, with link-up play and just drawing attention and causing ruckus against low block teams.

Both Eddie and Havertz have some way to go there, hopefully Arteta sorts one of them out, idc which.

He is just so crisp with his movement. I get excited everytime the ball lands at his feet. Will be key for is to win one of the big two.

been saying for so long this guy is not good enough to be a main striker. I dont know how he manages all these tricky skills and then at the last minute he misses a sitter does the hard stuff well but cannot be clinical.

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I love his game, he is such a well rounded player.

However, he is not an elite finisher and its clear

We need someone to really compete with him and maybe even be a better player, well, with regard to playing as #9 anyway

Despite the miss, he was easily our most dangerous player on the pitch, which makes me even more confident to say the sub was fitness related.

Need to get Toney in January for sure. Though I think we’ll lose out to Chelsea.

Looked really sharp literally moments before he got subbed off. Not being fit enough after the injury definitely wasn’t an argument.
A really bad decision imo.

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His miss is where the points were lost today.