Gabriel Jesus (9)

That’s when Cody Gapko comes into plans I believe

But Gakpo will cost another £40 - 50 million. Are we really going to spend £100 million on strikers in the summer?

I would say we did well to get one striker under 100, let alone 2.

If we want to become a proper side, we would have to shell out 200m overall to cover all the gaps


Jesus is the top tier of talent that we would be able to attract. If he’s showing interest, we need to wrap up a dwal before he has a chance to change his mind.

Nail him down, I reckon.


Not worried about his physical profile and (until recently) a spotty goalscoring record?

It’s unfair but his frame reminds me too much of Lacazette and I worry that if we blow all our money on him and still have Tierney slinging crosses in we’ll be disappointed.

Although Tierney will be out injured so it doesn’t matter.

That’s why I want to drop another £50m~ on Gakpo. Profile is perfect for route one pashun crosses.

If we want a short guy who could have cost less we might have looked at Borre.

Shithouse factor is super high.

Why are we spending £50m on a player who’s contract is running out, that only scored 8 PL goals this season? How is that in anyway impressive?

He’s never scored 15+ goals in a single league season — wtf are we doing!?

Is this just what the costs have become now? Spend shocking amounts on mediocrity?

Doesn’t make sense to me…


I agree.
Man City have scored almost a hundred goals this season and Jesus is playing in front of the most attacking midfield in Europe yet has only managed eight, with four against a very poor Watford side.

We’re desperate for a goal scorer who is also good in the air and he seems to be neither of these.

Although if we can get him for around 30m, he might be worth a punt but to have him as our marquee signing is a risk for Arteta, who seems to blunt even the sharpest strikers.

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He is good in the air, everybody knows Jesus loves crosses.


Man I was gonna go all serious on the previous two posts and then I read this :joy:

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That’s some weak ass shit right there if true

Probably the type of garbage mentality that filters all the way down the club and squad



Could be a long transfer saga.

Utter rubbish. Amy Lawrence said that we had ‘lists’ of transfer targets depending on our league finish.

Conference League
Europa League
Champions League

Whatever the opinion is of Arteta, he looked deeply disappointed after both of the previous results and so did the players. Journos love to stir the pot.

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£55m for a man who only has a year left on his contract is absurd. They’re trying to get as much back for the Haaland transfer so they don’t get dicked by FFP


I think people are missing the point.

The team obviously wanted to finish Top 4, especially after coming so far and 4th being within our grasp.
Arteta and the players have all said so themselves and they haven’t shied away from admitting they essentially blew it.

What doesn’t change is how ambitious our window will be.
We were gonna spend this summer regardless of CL or not. It’s gonna be a similar summer to the last one where we spent big.
CL is obviously a good leverage point for the team but if you sell the project well and offer the right money most players would have no problem coming here.

If people thought we were gonna go for the likes of Rice, Jude or Mbappe just because we got into CL then you are living in some Football Manager fantasy.

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I think the project is far easier to sell when you’re tangibly doing well though.

Let’s be honest, Arteta is the project. We’re building a team of Arteta personalities to play Artetaball.

When he was the young buck coming out of nowhere and winning the cup against the odds it will have been easy to buy into this being the start of something special, under maybe the next great young coach, but 3 years in his magic is surely fading. You’re asking players 3 years into a process to join an EL club believing it’s going to become more than that because it has some decently talented youngsters, and I think the evidence for that improvement is basically nonexistent right now.


Explain the project mate because I’ve not heard anyone from the club describe this.
I get were not giving contract extensions to ageing players and buying a few younger players. But what’s the key selling point.