Gabriel Jesus (9)

Well if we can’t find an extra 15 million in the bank account we really don’t have any business competing for any trophies or dreaming for any top players

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But tbh they don’t need the money so why not. I mean they don’t even have to sell him at all, especially not to a team in the same league, a top 4 competitor. I mean he’s worth half that and maybe the price will actually land somewhere around there after some negotiations, but honestly look at it from their point of view, they can set £50m on fire for fun if they want to. They don’t need anything from us. They might as well rinse us if we want to buy him, nothing to lose from their pov.

City don’t see us as a competitor so they’ll have no issue selling to us.

The issue with spending a lot is, although he’s a good player and upgrade I don’t see him as the no 1 striker that’s going to lead us to a title challenge.


Oh, they’ll be willing to sell him to us but at a premium still.
Arsenal and City are not on good terms.
If it was up to them alone he would be going abroad.

It pretty much is up to them alone unless he is out of contract. He either stays or goes to a club city agree to sell him to.

Both player and club need to agree to a move.

Correct. So if city are really against him going somewhere he won’t be going to that club this season.

Yes, and if City decide to sell him to a club he doesn’t want to go, they risk running his contract down.

Probably doesn’t bother a club like City though that don’t have to run under normal circumstances.

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Honestly woth the 5 sub rule another season for both and world cup year, could see him stay.

Yeah we aren’t a threat to them so it is all about how they feel they need to do and perhaps a little thought to precedent for other stars (although tbf nothing cash can’t fix)…

I have bad feeling they will keep him. Isn’t he really their ONLY current proper striker? (obviously they can get goals from all over the place, so maybe it doesn’t matter)… But Jesus offers a little bit something different than Haaland and with CL and Cups, it seems like they might just let his contract run out.

I’d love to see us get business done early and if this is the guy we are targeting, make it happen in June so we hit pre-season with him in the squad - plus, we will have more games right off the bat with CL stuff.

Julian Alvarez, the striker they bought from Argentina over the winter and loaned back, should also be coming into the team.

Unless there are other departures, it seems too crowded. Haaland, Foden, Mahrez, Grealish, Sterling, Alvarez, Jesus for three positions.


Yeah that is fair… they seem to be able to put 3 attackers out in a variety of combos and don’t necessarily need a traditional striker - and I forgot about Alvarez. This has to be the hope - they scored tons of goals this season with just Jesus and with Haaland you feel that only will get better and they will have even more flexibility with Haaland’s insane speed and physicality. Just hope we can wrap it up early and then focus on other positions (as well as figure out who is striker #2).


And when Haaland is a guaranteed starter, the others have to basically fight for the scraps of the 2 remaining positions.

Jesus has expressed a desire to leave, City have signed their upgrade so it all points to us having a great shot of signing him.

The price is a concern as you don’t want it to handicap our other business. £50m is steep as fuck for Jesus going into his final year. That’s probably his max value let alone what you should expect with only 12 months left on his contract. Hopefully we get it down to sub-40.


How come Arsenal and City aren’t on good terms?

They weren’t happy how we went about getting Arteta.
There have been also reports about Arsenal being one of the main teams that are not happy with City behind the scenes and how they rose to success with money injections.
Their soft punishment in 2020 didn’t go very well with us.
Pep essentially confirmed it in pressers when they were questioned about it and he name-dropped us and Man Utd about not wanting competition and that we used to do this in the past so we shouldn’t complain.

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Doubt Txiki Berigistain is gonna care much about that if the price is right

Yeah, I think they’re willing to do business because there are eyes on them nowadays after that situation in 2020.
They’ll be open to sell him, even to us, but he will cost more if we are to sign him rather than someone else, especially abroad.

Good thing he is keen to join.

They better start getting used to everyone hating them then I’m sure it’s not just us.

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I like Jesus cause he’s versatile and puts in a shift in attack and defense, but are we okay with him as our only recognized striker next season? Given his profile and likely transfer fees, he is obviously going to be a starter for us. We are expecting the club to get a second striker but I don’t see the club spending loads of money on another striker (besides Jesus).

So does that mean we’ll go for some young, unproven player from somewhere like Brazil or would it be Balogun and Martinelli sharing that responsibility?