Gabriel Jesus (9)

Because we are winning the league and we want to milk it to bits.

Maybe better waiting to see the comeback has worked first.

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Looking forward to see him regain full fitness, gonna play a major part in these last 11 games.

Not to jinx because we really need him now but he’s showing incredible sharpness for someone who has been out since early December.

Still causing absolute havoc when he gets the ball. Even with that shite of midfield he managed to create openings and chances. Appreciate having Trossard around but Jesus is something else.

Love the avatar, that shirt is one of my grails.

Edit: hate the way gfycat embeds fffs

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Saturdays Football had one for sale this week with the Bergkamp name set but it was a XXL. :santi:

Yeah clearly, guy just has that x factor, was very pleased with his appearances post injury.

@JakeyBoy Exceptional shirt no doubt.

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really want him to get on the score sheet

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So do the boys. Every time Xhaka got the ball around the penalty area he was looking for Jesus. :rofl:

They must really love him. Odegaard did his baila celebration against Everton too.

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When did he last score?

October I think.

Edit: Yep, checked it. 1st of October against Spurs.

Think he will score against Liverpool.

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Must be easy training like that :sweat_smile:

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It’s like a quarterback at practice. Can’t touch them.

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So both him and Zinchenko came in and started telling them about winning the league. Yep, serial winners, no wonder Arteta wanted them and they were so liked at City.