Gabriel Jesus (9)

His form dropped a bit before the world cup didn’t it.
Could of been a factor. The injury could be timely all things being equal.

Yeah you don’t just split out of the blue with a partner you’ve just had a baby with.

That must have been coming for a few months and could coincide with his drop in form.


It will be nice to have him back to play in some EL and FA Cup games to give Nketiah a rest. :grinning:

Not to get too deep into their issues but this sheds some light into what she’s saying.

Doesn’t sound like she’s particularly happy with some family members.

I couldn’t even imagine having your dirty laundry aired in public like that.


What a twat of a term influencer has become.


Indeed, imagine getting termino’d and it being a headline like that.


Just another self obsessed “influencer” with no talent,
Who would trust the word, or take advice from, anyone who’d behave this way towards an ex partner?
I presume she told Jesus what she was going to say, before posting it on social media. :grinning:

What’s it say?

Safari doesn’t have a translate option on mobile like google chrome does on my laptop

Edit: oh wait yes it does

Fucking hell imagine thinking that having a child with a 21 year old you’ve know for a year was a good idea, god damn


It was for her. :grinning:

She saw a fucking meal ticket, mate. Stand by for the money grab.

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I’m assuming most footballers have pre-nupped their wives to fuck. Relationship / financial turmoil is never good no matter what field you work in

Tell that to my wife. 15 years and 3 kids later and we’re all good :slightly_smiling_face:


That match against City last year was truly the turning point of it all.


Yet we still can’t beat them…

Or even draw.

Can’t believe how good we played that day, with Lacazette leading the line… Imagine we had Jesus there.

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I mean…we haven’t played them since.

Played them literally 2 days ago


Fucking hell :joy:

Shows how much that loss bothered me I guess. Or shows my age, whatever. Lol