Gabriel Jesus (9)

Yeah, I found his words interesting. I do remember Arteta saying back in December though that he didn’t want to give any timeframe on the injury because “he knows Gabby”. Not surprised he still hasn’t.

I think Arteta has been a bit more careful when it comes to injuries and availability the past months.
Used to be a time that he cane out and saying “this guy, this guy and this guy will be back next match” and then the next match came around and at best one was back. And then you compare it to recent occasions where the club actively hid images of Tomiyasu being in training, Elneny casually popping back to training a month after suffering an injury that should should have took him out till January, etc.

The less pressure on the player the better. I do think Jesus is already putting pressure on himself to make the quickest recovery possible. Pretty positive he’s eyeing that match against City. I know he left on good terms but I can imagine him being pumped to make a statement in that match regardless.

In these sad times, let me reiterate how much I love this guy.

Plenty of clubs were after him(incl. Chelsea) but his mind was set on us.
As Arteta said: “Players decide where they want to play”

The Emirates tour video hits different:

1:25 onwards is :pinched_fingers:


Hattrick please against the blue shite

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Tore them apart at Stamford Bridge. Need him back on that preseason goalscoring form, league won’t know what hit them.


Came for the good news, but overdosed on the copium.


And Money

And now I must be the bearer of bad news

Final months sounds like April, no?


I don’t buy it. He’s taking pressure off Jesus. Probably putting pressure on the board to get him reinforcements too.

Jesus will be back in February.

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Final months are March, April and May for me. Doubt he’ll play any matches in February, full training if we’re lucky.


Doesn’t really make sense to lie, the club knows his prognosis just like he would.


I’m reading it as sometime in March. We need a body or two.

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And he can tell them Jesus will need more time to get up to speed again because of his demands and style.

Arteta has been making it abundantly clear that he needs reinforcements recently, has been for some time. He’ll change his tune slightly once the window is shut but I do expect him to throw the occasional “It’s what we have” and the new one now “Ask Edu” to continue.

Watching the vid that quote was taken from. Arteta never said final months unless I’m missing something.

Arteta said “Hopefully we will have him back”.

Here’s the clip too.

Fabrizio is a twat.

February would be quite ahead of the schedule. Start of March would be great.

Yes! He’s kicking a ball


Well tbh he got injired early December and back then we were told 3 months so February would still be an early return. Hopefully we get him back some time in March but it does reinforce the need to recruit during this window too.

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Brace against Yanited ?

Knee brace?


There is no kneed for that