Francis Coquelin


Coq isnt that bad and would do alright at a slightly lower club. We just need much better at CM.


Whoever’s in charge of getting rid of half our meh squad players is a hero. This season may actually be used for rebuilding for once instead of just adding another player who will barely play to the squad when it’s not going well.


From looking to sign William Carvalho, to Nzonzi to Coquelin.

That’s some drop off but I ain’t mad at ya West Ham, do your thing…I beg.


Haha yeah, we’re paying Coquelin 300 million a month, nice work if you can get it. Oops. :see_no_evil:


I know what the direction the club is going to now…

To be a selling club.


would you rather we keep them and then have them kill us on the pitch only to leave for nothing?


I won’t sell him before I actually buy a replacement first.

I don’t rate Coq, but he is the one and only true DM on the team. He has some value.
I would sell Iwobi or Welbeck before him.



Valencia why?! You are actually decent this season.


They’ll give Coq the Gabriel treatment and turn him into the next Nzonzi




Nzonzi is nicknamed Octupus, what would they call Coquelin? Cabbage?


utter coq?



Don’t know what the Spaniards are like with puns though? @AbouCuellar ?


He suits the Championship, he can pump his chest all he wants there :grinning:


After this season we won’t have anyone worth selling.
We will be a sticking with dross club, which is what we’re good at.



Well we won’t miss Coquelin , that’s a fact . He is a penalty waiting to happen.
Cheerio Francis .


Right, we won’t miss him a bit.
Let’s see if we ship him out first and look for replacement afterwards, or vice versa.


We won’t buy until we sell and make room so I’m happy to sell, even if it means we aren’t buying until July.

If Coquelin is gone then there’s no way Wenger can just say what we have will do. He will have to buy somebody.