Francis Coquelin

Full name: Francis Coquelin

Date of birth 13 May 1991
Place of birth Laval, France
Height 1.78 m
Playing position Defensive midfielder

Have to say, he was pretty useless yesterday. He seems to have lost all confidence in himself, and is playing such a simple game that there’s practically nothing left there in it. If he’s lost all confidence in himself to participate in the team’s passing and build up, or to make the occasional dribble to retain possession or eliminate a defender in midfield as he did in 14-15, there’s just no point. An athletic version of Flamini is still shit.


Not sure what his role was vs Liverpool. HE seemed to be wandering a lot, but at the same time not doing anything at all. He done one thing of note which was winning the tackle which lead to the goal (or was it peno cant remember). Other than that dunno what he was doing trying to be box to box - his game should be just to sit in front of the back four.

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When you have Xhaka and Elneny challenging you for your place. I guess anyone would lose confidence. I never thought he’s the answer to our defensive midfield position. Good squad player that’s it.

After his break-out season for us it was always going to be about how he’ll look when he’s not on fire and not winning balls left and right. One can hope that he’ll find a solid level this season, where he can be of good use to the team, but I don’t believe that he’ll constantly reach the level he showed 2 years ago.

Absolute beast against Southampton.

Xhaka’s got competition.

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not in passing department.

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Made a lot of good and important tackles. He definitely has a role in this squad.

Yeah, loved him today.

His passion and his love for our colours are incredible, he is a lovely guy, but a squad player role should be perfect for him.

Ready to die :muscle:


If I was preparing for death I definitely wouldn’t be doing the whole bent over a table posture.


Yeah he played a good game yesterday vs the saints but I’d still prefer to see Granit in the starting 11 over him.

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He’s good at what he does, he’s passionate, he loves the team.

Excellent squad player and back-up player to have. Should start games that require his type of play but isn’t quite what we need starting every game.

He’s getting a lot of stick elsewhere but I’m glad some have noted his performance. In comparison, Le Coq and Xhaka are very different players and I believe that’s what some people’s gripe is with Francis, especially as Wenger is starting him over Granit. They expect a passing wonder class as well as the defensive work.

Hard to truly give him a place in the team, when ideally you’d like to see Xhaka at the base of the midfield/whoever else/Özil. I think as time goes on, we’ll see him being used like a utility player, coming on and causing a ruckus. The final 20 minutes in a game, the last thing an opponent wants is a rabid Coquelin nicking them every time they touch the ball. He has the legs and pace and the combative nature that can be used for the ‘closing up-shop’ sub we should use more often to protect a lead.

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Pretty decent. He’s good at what he does.


Nice. Was saying in the MDC that Coq’s numbers should be good for this match.

Far from an average player as some would have you believe…

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Oh was Coquelin playing?

Given the reaction to Xhaka not starting, I thought we were playing Flamini instead of Coquelin.