Francis Coquelin


HAHAHAHA,we as fans never learn!


We don’t buy until we sell, is the same shit idea as we don’t buy because we don’t want to disturb the young players’ development… :poldi:


So i read this is done for 10m.


Coquelin isn’t a great player but is miles away better and useful than Iwobi, Walcott, Elneny, Chambers, Mertesacker and Debuchy. He should be the last to see the exit door.


Well. Mertesacker & Debuchy are currently on borrowed time. Walcott is probably harder to get rid off, but he will be gone soon hopefully.


Anyone who has value on our team, that someone wants to buy, should be out the door. I want 11 guys scouted by Mislintat starting our matches and 14 more of them in the bench. The club needs an overhaul.


It’s shocking why Arsenal spent 10M for a normal player as Elneny. He is a good player but not for Arsenal. We wasted a lot of money in the recent years and the egyptian is an example.


You don’t have too tell me that :wink:. I thought his fee was closer too 5-7 million pounds.

Btw. I don’t think Elneny is completely useless. One or the other on the bench doesn’t really matter. It would be about what we start imo.


I disagree, he’s perfectly fine as a squad player. Doesn’t make dumb mistakes, has a good enough engine ect. Elneny is the least of our problems. Spending 35m on Xhaka and 50m on Lacazette is pretty bad though. Especially if Laca turns out to be like a 12 - 15 goals per season striker. I know everyone hates it but Theo could be producing that at CF.


Chamakh, Bendtner, Gervinho, Podolski, Theo all could get 12 - 15 goals per seasons as full time starting striker, but I would give Laca more time to prove his value.


I agree first year is tough in the PL and we are a bad team. We’ll see. Xhaka is the biggest sin for me though he is just so bad…watching the genius that is Cazorla and then having to watch Xhaka week in week out is painful.


Valencia confirm they’re in negotiations for Coquelin :giroud3:



Really? It would awesome!


Wenger is a strange manager. He’s doing summer departures in the January window.


I don’t know what currency you are using here, but I heard he was £5m, which is absolutey nothing. It was a nothing amount 10 years ago.

Odd that you’d focus on how big a waste a player who cost £5m was when in the same position we have Xhaka who cost 7 times as much at £35m lol.

I’ve got no problem with Elneny at all, I don’t know how you could want much more from such a cheap squad player.


So i guess we need some replacements.


This is a step up for Coquelin. He will be playing Champions League football next season…


Coquelin genuinely is a player we could cut from the squad with no net loss whatsoever or need to replace. Maitland-Niles’ recent development is probably the main factor in Wenger moving him on, I have no problem with this. He’s slightly emblematic as well of the 2nd half Wenger era and thus a good one to ship out, but not as much as someone like Walcott.


I actually like Coquelin. I liked the job he did for us years ago as a right back, i liked him as a “don’t cross the half way line ever” kind of DM but if we aren’t going to use him for either of these roles, he’s basically just an ordinary midfielder so he’s really no loss to Arsenal right now.