Francis Coquelin


Seems this guy is our back up box to box mid, let’s pray like fuck that Rambo doesn’t have his soft tissue problems this season.


He did not have a bad game


Nor a good game. He just had a game.


He gives away the ball too much, in a side like this you can’t have that.

Other DMs who are tough in the tackle can pass better than him.


He did give the ball away to much what match were you watching. Can’t shot for shit thou


Yeah you said it, he “did” give it away too much


Lol typo


So close to his first goal tonight. I think he will actually spontaneously combust if he ever scores!


I scored with him in FIFA it’s not all bad :joy:


For the record I’ve been a fan of Coquelins and fully understand his strengths, but he isn’t reliable enough consistently and hasn’t been since 2015 when he came back from the dead for those 6 months with Santi.


Hi is just a luxury player for the team.

Ozil doesn’t defend, and we should not ask him to… at least his passing and assist abilities are world class.
Coq, contribute nothing on offense… it is okay… his job is to defend… BUT, he is not a world class DM/defender.

That’s the problem.
If you are a one dimensional player… gotta have something really really good.


I wouldn’t say he’s a luxury player by any means. Maybe more of a niche in terms of defensive style.

The guy can slide tackle. That’s a whole other art form. I’m not sure there’s anyone across the footballing spectrum right now (I don’t watch much football outside of England) that puts themselves about like he does:

This doesn’t exclude the nagging feeling that our midfield could do with another creative/attacking CM either. Guys like Wilshire (unfortunately) and Elneny can be seriously upgraded on, there’s a large pool of talent to pick from in that regard.


If he could pass a bit better, he would have been a perfect partner for a creative midfielder.

There is a reason why Coq-Santi worked so well.





Good riddance, talentless pashun merchant.


At this point, I’d rather give minutes to AMN. If we can get some summer funds for our next manager, wonderful.


woooooooooow is this really happening? This literally sounds like we are starting a clear out of all the fucking dross in our club. First Walcott now the Coq hopefully soon it will be Welbeck etc, Mind you though we need to clear out pretty much everyone including our Manager.


I don’t even think he’s good enough for West Ham to be honest! Though i’m looking forward to seeing a Mark Noble Coquelin pivot :grin:

I don’t really understand why we gave him a new contract last year (£75m a week!!!) just to sell him for peanuts this year? We probably could have got £10m for him then, too, let alone now when he has over 3 years left on his contract. He’s still only 26. Worse players have been sold for more.

I don’t particularly care – I mean i’d happily pay someone to take him tbh. But I just think we’re terrible in the transfer market and even worse with contracts.


Coq at West Ham will be a consistent performer. Think they’d be getting a great bargain at the reported ten mil tbh.

That would explain Ornsteins “no money” claims. :stuck_out_tongue: