Francis Coquelin


What on earth do you mean?


I myself don’t know but his mouth holds some mystery.


If he didn’t have a mouth it’s unlikely he would be able to maintain the sustenance needed for a high level career in professional sport

Unless he achieves his nutrition solely by intravenous methods, but again it’s unlikely he could be a top athlete concurrent with this lifestyle. Personally I don’t buy it and think it’s more likely that he does have a mouth but it remains as yet unseen


I think it’s physically/medically possible he could be fed through the anus


oh really…hmmmm :henry2:


The anus, you say?


Precisely, a tube up his anus


You had me at anus.



Arsene often seems to talk out of his these days, so all this seems entirely feasible.


This thread :cech:


This player :giroud3:




“Our beast”? :hipster:


Honestly, he must be one of the best tacklers in the league.

The amount of strong, clean tackles he fully commits too even from behind and yet still manages to pull them off is amazing.

He’s a great option to have when you need someone to frustrate the other team but he probably shouldn’t be our starter.


He needs to get his focus and confidence back. He seems to have given up on improving lately.


And your own team too for that matter.


Simply not good enough , never was and never will be . He’s just another weak link .


And yet Arsene rewarded him with a new contract after a few good performances in an unlikely midfield combination that we can’t play anymore.

I don’t know if any of you folks listen to the ArsenalVision post match podcasts but the host Elliot* hates Coquelin. He savages him so routinely that I find myself wanting to defend Coq.

It’s not Coquelin’s fault that he’s a technically limited player being exposed by playing as one of a two for our Europa League side or as an ostensible shield for a back four where he’s just too prone to make mistakes.

**The podcast is great overall but Elliot is nowhere near as funny or clever as he thinks he is and generally comes off as kind of a douchebag. If he’s lurking on this board I’d love to have the chance to take on some of his ridiculous opinions.


Another hanger-on that shouldn’t be stealing minutes for a club of our stature. Sad thing is, our CM options are so dire that he really isn’t all that much worse than the rest (depending on how you feel about Ramsey and/or Ramsey’s actual position).

Would be nice if Wilshere can get fit and stay fit and get more minutes…