Francis Coquelin


But then made a great tackle on William to launch a counter attack.



Lol Coq at at LWB and we beat Chelsea. Is this real life?


Best tackler we have, definite place for him in the team


Loved the silky skills he was pulling off to run down the clock lol


Look, the way he falls. Flies through the air and then collapses!


Reminded me of a ski jumper. Awesome form.


Thats hypnotic. :joy:


WTF!? :cech: :arteta:


Haha brilliant.

He’s probably out for 6-9 weeks, though. Not so brilliant,.


Some of you guys are something else; actually celebrating our players injury.


Who is celebrating his injury? We’re actually praising the way he went down.




That definitely makes me something else.



Hope he gets better soon. Don’t have a ton of time for him as a player because he’s not coached properly but never nice to see a guy get hurt.


I thought he had his goal today. I hope he gets one before he leaves.


I think he did too, the instant devastation was pretty sad.


Coquelin’s face :rofl: He looks like he wants to take out a 4 year old!


He’s just worried he’s got more competition for his place.


I am looking at Lacazette in this picture and it fuels a nagging feeling I have about him.

I think he doesn’t have a mouth. Beyond his lips and teeth, there is no mouth.

Here is entire Google image page of him.