Francis Coquelin


I doubt he has. I think it’s the Song conundrum all over again. Coq is a B2B by nature so he thinks he can pass and shoot etc. I’m making assumptions but having a weak manager and then a partner who doesn’t want to venture forward too much (e.g. Arteta) probably makes them think they can do more. I always thought Arteta was a player with offensive ideas but when he arrived here he seemed hesitant to go forward too much which left a lot of chances for Song to do so. Elneny and Xhaka aren’t doing amazing offensive work so Coq probably thinks hey, I’ll do a dribble here then.

Stick someone like Cazorla with him and tell him not to cross the halfway line again and he’d probably be useful again.




:LOL! WTF WAS THAT!? :coq:


His first touch has been a dribbling tempted to dribble Rooney.

I don’t know who fucking has instilled the Fifa Street mentality into a brain which controls two piece of bricks as feet.

:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:


Say what you will but he will die for us on the pitch


Sometimes he has died on us on the pitch, Wonder what happened to him, wasnt so long ago even Henry was calling him a detective sniffing out danger, has been a bit dross recently though. Same with Bellerin etc, wonder what goes on with our players they are so up and down.


Wenger kept this League 1 player instead of getting POTY Kante

that should be a sacking offence


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Say what you will but he will die for us on the pitch

Let’s just hope it won’t be from old age.


Such a wayward player. The bench is the right place for him.


Funny that.

Iwobi, Monreal, Bellerin, Cech, Mustafi, Giroud, Ozil, Walcott, Xhaka, Coquelin.

They’ve all had spells of being utter shit this season.

I wonder why? Maybe when the whole team plays like shit, it affects individual performances too.

Everyone was laying into Coquelin this season but totally forgetting that everyone has been playing like dog shit. They forget that he was excellent playing next to Cazorla.


He has been, just a completely broken team can even make the perennial german player of the year look terrible half the time.


A traffic cone would look excellent playing beside Cazorla.


Everyone looks good next to Cazorla, yet everyone else looks like shit when playing next to Coquelin.
Why? Because Coquelin is shit, he was carried by Cazorla and when teams were able to put pressure on Cazorla, guess what Coquelin showed what he truly is a championship level player.



would look good playing for Norwich or someone


Thought he did well today, very well in fact


Coq was excellent actually created our first goal with a perfect through ball to Hector.


Was a good assist for him, just goes to show that while he shouldn’t be starting too many games, a squad game is a squad game for a reason and he’s not completely without talent at this level.

Buuuuuut being ruthless I’d still move him on, if he even wants to leave.


*pre assist




Love how he came on and literally got booked in seconds :joy::joy: