Football Manager

Did you get out of this succesfully?

I was pretty happy with the performances until Liverpool rolled into town.

Beat Chelsea on XG, same xG as Tottenham.

Whereas Liverpool went 3-0 down in the first half and then made it respectable. But well beaten.

Was 1-1 until the 86th minute, I would have been fuming :joy:


My Arsenal team got knocked out of the Carabou Cup by Championship side Luton Town last night. 1-0 for most of the match, they got a penalty in the 96th minute and scored. Then we lost on penalties.

Saliba, Rice, Saka and Odegaard have definitely had a downgrade on the final data update. All are struggling for form this season.

I’ve been learning how to use “FM Kit Creator”, they’re pretty basic but these are what my Arsenal team are wearing for the 25/26 campaign.

Home & Away


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Turn that cannon around you heretic :slight_smile:

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3rd in my first season at Brighton :smiley:

Spurs won the league despite me beating them 6-0.
Only home game they didn’t win all season was against Arsenal (draw). How unrealistic :joy: :face_vomiting:

Spuds champions…that game needs a rewrite, it’s fictional but come on!!

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Clearly you don’t know how to play FM.

Everyone knows you go into the editor before starting a game, bankrupt them, watch them sell all their players and get relegated :slight_smile:

After you put Man City in non league, take away all their money, saddle them with billions in debt, and move all players to random clubs.

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What is it with these fixtures at the start of the season? :joy: Game’s bugged!

That’s been a feature for years. The first two away games always seem to be the worst.

A bit like the away goals thing in the latter stages of the UCL. Those two-legged fixtures always seem to come down to which team got battered the worst away from home. 6-1 home, 1-4 away to R Madrid last season in the semi-finals.