Football Manager

Loaded up my old Ajax save, felt like playing some FM. My team is amazing at the moment, just broke a crazy record.

My best players:

My very own Ronaldo

One of the best strikers I’ve ever had on FM

Honorable mentions:

They are all re-gens. I just can’t afford to buy ‘real’ players. I buy talent when they are young and play them a lot as the Eredivisie is quite a low level overall.

Who’s still playing this?

The last four editions:

FM12 - 1554 hours played
FM13 - 1411 hours played
FM14 - 1257 hours played
FM15 - 1022 hours played
FM16 - 726 hours and couting (but probably will remain under 750)

The game, edition by edition, is unattractive #SportInteractiveOUT

Just bought FM16 in the last few days as it was on offer in the supermarket.

Didn’t bother with FM15. Nothings really changed too much. I did keep Wenger on as director of football and charged him with selling Elneny as he became pissed off and the old man agreed to mutual termination as he couldnt find a buyer. So lost £10m in transfer fees and had to pay thenfucker £6m wage package.


I last played 2012 and had a save which I played for years up until recently when the hard drive died.

I’m getting a new laptop soon, should I bother getting 2016 (or 17) or have the more recent versions lost the fun?

I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I think im pretty much over the FM thing though. Can’t be arsed to sit down wasting countless hours with me face in the laptop. I used to be properly hardcore with it too, always had the game pre ordered and played the beta but these days just not arsed.

lol I didn’t bother with FM16 because of the same reason, I get it every other year instead. Hoping it will improve for the next edition, because it is rather stale and lacking in a few areas imo. But I still play FM15 regularly.

Got it for free until a few years back, when I did a lot of scouting for SI-games, in Scandinavian lower leagues. I remember buying CM for my Amiga 500 in 1992, epic! :heart_eyes:

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Still playing fm15 on and off, still satisfying.

Current save is Southampton who are amazing on this version. After 4 full seasons I’ve still got lots of the same players. Wanyama, Schneiderlin and Ward-Prowse are absolute beasts. Still using Tadic, Clyne, Alderweireld, Bertrand, Mane too.

FM11 1519Hours My most successful fm ever has well one the league with arsenal 25 times :smiley:
FM12 997Hours
FM13 220Hours
FM15 819Hours
FM16 currently stands at 781Hours.

I have finally managed a long save on FM16 started at Southampton won 2 fa cups over 5 season with them. Got the France job in 2018 finishing runner up in the euro’s after losing 1-0 to Spain. Left Southampton in 2020 and took over Chelsea stayed one season finished 5th with them and won the community shield Left Chelsea during summer off 2021 after getting the Leicester job now in my 5th season with them won the euro cup and the European super cup so far.

Up until 14 October, if you pre-purchase FM17 you can get 5% off for each of the previous instalments of the series you own from FM13 to FM16, potentially 20% in total.

A good offer if you’ve got money in your steam wallet already, otherwise it’s probably better off to wait until the release date is nearer as other websites usually have much better offers.

It’s important to compare the minimum requirements between FM16 and the new. I need to understand if they are similar or not.



I’ve overtaken Sir Alex in the hall of fame :smiley:


Nice one @Bl1nk!

Hardly touched FM this year but went back to a save from June I started with Arsenal last night.

Currently in January 2016 and in a title race with spurs and 4 points behind them after a poor Christmas period.

Same team as real life apart from Ibrahimovic up front and Dembelé on the wing.

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On January 2016 TDD the board give me 38M for good finances so I thought may aswell spend it started to look for a long term Monreal replacement so I seen Alba would be interested in a move and offered 38M for him not expecting it to be accepted and it was! :smiley: Bellerin and Alba as the full backs PAAAACEEEE!!!


Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Alba

Xhaka Cazorla

Alexis Ozil Welbeck


Still in all 3 cups and the league. #COYG

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Haven’t played it properly since like 08-09 when I got Reading from the Championship to the CL final.

Contemplating taking the plunge on the new one. All I remember is it taking up about 90% of my spare time though :open_mouth:

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Haha :smiley: go for it!

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Started playing FM16 back until June after a couple of years break. Why on earth does pretty much every player want crazy wages, £250k for players like Greizmann or Reus whem there’s already players like Walcot, Alexis, Øzil already over the £100k mark.

Ballerin is really good though, think he’s put in MOTM performances for 9 games straight.

Welcome to OA Arsene! :wink:

So did you win the 2015/16 season Calum?

I’ve got FM15 on my mobile. I signed Fekir and I think William Carvalho and literally didn’t lose a single competitive match all season, aside from maybe the League Cup in which I can’t remember how I did. Fekir got 25 goals plus and a load of assists and became first choice CF by the last few months of the season, due to a Welbeck injury (he’d already bagged me 38 goals). I gave up playing it after winning the treble undefeated.

I’m in the awkward position of finding it way too easy as Arsenal but not having the inclination to put the hours into playing with any other team.

Only in February 2016.