Fifa 19


Unless Calum means it’s good to play for a few hours at a time? Rather than just playing it for a few hours and then never again, which then would be a waste of £50 if that were the case :smiley:


I probably misunderstood then tbf.

I generally play single player games, so if I’m talking about how much entertainment value it provides then I’m often talking about how long it takes to complete story mode, so thatll be expressed in terms of how many hours that takes, which tends to be somewhere between 5 and 15 hours depending on the game.

So when someone says a game is good to play for a few hours, that’s how I read the statement. To be fair, that’s also literally what was said, that it’s fun for a few hours, not a few hours at a time.

But given the thread I’m in, it’s my bad for not stopping and thinking. That’s the curse of Friday night beers.


Mate there’s literally no point in asking people on a site like this if a game’s worth buying. FIFA has five different game modes varying drastically from one another. There’s no way your user experience is identical to the five or so guys giving you recommendations on it.


Apparently I have just bought Trippierinho


Have they got the info wrong or the face lol


Wrong face, all the info clearly relates to Firmino


I mean, I’ve played with most guys in here on Pro Clubs. And I know some play FUT as well. Those are the modes I’ll mainly use. Plus, the gameplay is kind of universal (with some tweaks). Surely their take has some value.


Current squad, saving up for Auba now


I haven’t bought FIFA in two years and really haven’t regretted it, but I must say I do miss pointlessly fucking about with your ultimate team on the app whenever you’re out and have nothing to do.


How is pogba ? Have thought about buying his card for a while.


He is a beast for me at cam. He bosses around most other players due to his height and excellent balance and physicality. Skill moves with him is like cheating. His finesse shots outside the box are something else. Hunter chem to improve his shooting stats and pace and he is ready to go.

So yeah works pretty well for me.


Agreed. Despite FUT being EA’s ‘ultimate’ money grabbing medium, it is very addictive and fun, until you actually play games. :joy:


Height and strenght are so important this year. Gonna snap him up when im rich enough.


I have heard people complain about him, but I think much depends on how you utilise him and of course don’t expect instant wins just because you field Pogba. But within reason he is outstanding to have in your FUT team.


Do we still have a club on this for proclubs?


“Why the fuck’s Abidal so fast, I swear he has cancer?!”

Welcome back geezer :rofl:

Giz a shout if you’re on PS


Haha :joy:, those were stressful times




Just signed Martial and De Gea on pre contracts in January 2019 as they are out of contract in summer 2019 :joy::joy::joy: revenge for RvP pricks!!


Dont forget to bin Mr. Back on top.