Fifa 19


He was gone long ago :joy:


Probably going to sell Aguero this weekend and get Aubameyang. Lacazette, Mkhi on the bench.


Bellerin any good? Haven’t seen him as much as in FIFA 18.


Yeah for sure - I actually see him a lot when playing rivals. Probably people pick him for his pace. Plus, Premier League FUT teams have really little choice in good RB / LB.


So my squad has changed a bit and I now have a Serie A and a Bundesliga squad, which I can turn to a hybrid if I want to. On the bench are: Suso IF, Belotti IF, Felipe Anderson IF (reward) and Matuidi.

I’m now saving up for Dybala and hope there will be an Allan IF soon. Might add Alex Sandro and Manolas IF but they are too expensive right now. Any other suggestions for improvements?


Sick squads mate. Let’s play a game against each other’s FUT squads? My PSN is: Essaux


Pro Clubs has never been harder than this season tbh. Never had to get my team more tactically sound for every game and let go of as many dons that just couldn’t hack the level. Definitely the most satisfying mode to do well on though.


Clubs ruins friendships


Speaking of clubs, anyone keen to play soon again with a bunch of OA members? Was fun


The annoying thing about clubs is, you can only be part of one club. Is it worth losing all your current clubs stats to have a few casual OA games. Often not, which is a shame.

Should be able to be in 2 or 3 clubs IMO.


I agree - sucks that you can only join one indeed. :frowning: especially for the more casual Pro Clubbers.


Been playing a few Rivals games now with De Bruyne. By far the best player I have ever played with. He is everywhere on the pitch. Defends, scores screamers and provides killer passes.

I’ll probably sell Pogba now and look for Kante as a cdm and put Silva back as a cm.

Walker as a RB has also been a revelation.


As far as I can see they don’t save club stats this season so there’s nothing to lose either way. You could leave, join and return to whoever you want and as long as someone has manager rights to accept your transfer request it’d make no difference this year.

Those stats always got kind of meaningless anyway as playing for more than one club over the season is a pretty common situation.


My PSN is NORLOIRE. I added you some time ago I think.


Cool let’s play!


Just created a pro club! ‘Online Arsenal’

Sent some invites to OA’ers in my friend list.

My PSN: bl1nk0rz



Duude, ive got to have this card !

70 shooting is disgusting tho


Just got him, easy SBC really.


How much did ya pay