Fifa 19





Would like to see a few gameplay balancing tweaks. Tighter midfield battles, stronger 1 on 1 challenges and overall closer scorelines. Too many goal fests at the moment.

PES is doing well with this aspect of their simulation and EA are too afraid of a possible backlash if they make their gameplay more cagey and real.


Bored with CR7, tbh.




I was pondering getting this one after not bothering with 18 but their focus on Ronaldo’s ego has really put me off :joy:

Let’s hope they’ve got some legit gameplay upgrades :pray:


Buzzing! New comms for the CL & EL!


Some downgrades there.

Ozil only 86


Only 71 for Maitland? Should be on 75, imo.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Great tweet


FIFA 19 demo lands today.

3PM (UK) PS Store


Sweet. Cant wait to play and cuss it down to ground.


Yup. Can’t wait to get scripted to death by AI.

Though knowing EA they will probably disable it in demo and let you do whatever you want, score great goals, buy the game then fuck us.


haha what is this. Eriksen better than Özil by 2?!

Has @cristo been doing these ratings?


Love mesut, but thats more than a fair rating tbh.


Ozil’s never been that playable with that 2 star weak foot.


Yeah I wasn’t disagreeing with that more the what’s Erisken done to be 2 higher!!


Played better…


Yep true

I’m still not used to Spurs having higher rated players than us tho :frowning_face: