Fifa 19


They absolutely fucked him on dribbling and passing.


It’s such weird deal when it comes to ozil. EA always go on about making players who aren’t reliant on pace and strength more playable and then they go on to give a niche player like ozil shite stats on areas he clearly excells in.


Played one half of a game and thought I literally cannot continue. Then had second thoughts and gave it another try. Lasted 3 mins then deleted the demo. So wank.


Haha. Seriously like it’s actually mental that they’re charging 70 quid for something a fucking patch would probably sort out. The need for a new FIFA every year is such a blatant cash grab and I hate that I’m probably going to fall for it again.


I’ve been living without it now for 3 years I think. Glad I stopped giving my money away. There is like 2 game modes they actually care about and improve. If you like to buy packs and play ultimate team it’s probably worth it, they actually improve the game mode you enjoy playing and they make a ton of money off ppl buying packs. EA is fucked can’t stand them.


Agreed, game barely feels any different :confused:


Wouldn’t waste my money on FIFA again. I think I’m going to get PES this year but will give the demos a shot.


Been watching Youtubers enjoy a good Master League career on PES2019. Looks real fun. Sure, the gameplay has it’s moments where realism goes out the window, but it still seems so much fun and challenging.

The in-depth managing methods, specific player training, player roles. Tempted to go with PESl, but maybe I’ll wait as it’s price always drops quickly. Usually around half the price come December.