Fifa 19


They absolutely fucked him on dribbling and passing.


It’s such weird deal when it comes to ozil. EA always go on about making players who aren’t reliant on pace and strength more playable and then they go on to give a niche player like ozil shite stats on areas he clearly excells in.


Played one half of a game and thought I literally cannot continue. Then had second thoughts and gave it another try. Lasted 3 mins then deleted the demo. So wank.


Haha. Seriously like it’s actually mental that they’re charging 70 quid for something a fucking patch would probably sort out. The need for a new FIFA every year is such a blatant cash grab and I hate that I’m probably going to fall for it again.


I’ve been living without it now for 3 years I think. Glad I stopped giving my money away. There is like 2 game modes they actually care about and improve. If you like to buy packs and play ultimate team it’s probably worth it, they actually improve the game mode you enjoy playing and they make a ton of money off ppl buying packs. EA is fucked can’t stand them.


Agreed, game barely feels any different :confused:


Wouldn’t waste my money on FIFA again. I think I’m going to get PES this year but will give the demos a shot.


Been watching Youtubers enjoy a good Master League career on PES2019. Looks real fun. Sure, the gameplay has it’s moments where realism goes out the window, but it still seems so much fun and challenging.

The in-depth managing methods, specific player training, player roles. Tempted to go with PESl, but maybe I’ll wait as it’s price always drops quickly. Usually around half the price come December.




Very pleased with this review and generally I think we can safely say through PES 2019 and FIFA 19 we have the best pair of football games released in a very long time.


People say that every year but they both seem to buggy messes after a month or so every time. Would be very surprised if that wasn’t the case again.

Especially the Mail, wtf are they going to know about video games, they want them banned every time somebody shoots up a school :arteta:

Basically, my point is, video game reviews are a load of shite most of the time unfortunately, and a lot of that isn’t even the reviewers’ faults. The have such little time with the game that initial impressions might be good but the more sinister stuff doesn’t get discovered u til later on.


We’ll definitely get some bugs and BS but these days dev teams are on to a lot of these pretty quick. Nowadays even core gameplay gets drastically modified post-release. EA Sports do that a lot in fact with mixed results.

I’ve tried all the releases Konami and EA have put out so far this season. The gameplay and visuals are solid for the models that each title goes with.

I do think PES offers the purer and more unique footballing experience on the pitch overall. Yet FIFA’s immersion, options and modes, despite the non-investment in career mode and pro clubs, are still the best offerings out there.

I don’t know how many of you even play Pro Clubs. But in terms of replayability and continuing tactical challenge there’s no other mode quite like it. Imagine career mode but you and your mates are the players.

PES’s online co-op is top notch as well. Probably the best multiplayer on any football game.


The FIFA mini games have just taken FIFA nights with mates to another level tho :fire:


Whenever I read reviews like that, it just feels EA paid for sponsored content.


So reading on Reddit some huge changes coming to WL, they’ve reduced the necessary games needed to play in the weekend from 40 to 30. Qualification seems to have taken an overhaul and the comp seems more accessible to casual players. Not to mention that we now can chose our rewards from a list of candidates.

Simple changes but pretty fucking mental for EA to actually get their finger out and make improvements for the fanbase that don’t involve more money for them.


Theres’s an enormous FIFA 19 career mode wishlist with some really good ideas, been going all year long. Fans took time to document them in detail. Completely ignored by EA. Career is dead to them. They only add a few minor graphic tweaks and that’s it. It’s sickening.

That whole new kick-off thing is a joke and bore after one night of playing it with friends.


Master League on PES shits all over Fifa’s career mode. So much more in depth.

Fifa does do online well though and thats where they focus on. Pro Clubs would literally be the only reason I get this.


That’s been going on for like 5 years or more, I remember reading and contributing to it, but yeah they don’t give a shit nothing ever changed.


So is it worth buying?