Fifa 19


Btw, how is the Journey game mode, it looks really interesting and is something that could be quality if done right.

Only thing that would get me buying FIFA tbh


It’s finishing in FIFA 19. The last part is you winning the CL.

Very good tho I’ve enjoyed the first two parts in 17 and 18


Are they not bringing it back?


Well they have advertised this as the last one




It would be nice if they do another guy, like some Brazilian kid or something.

Can’t be any more repetitive than the usual career mode options, the potential is there for some real storytelling.


The Bosnian no longer looks like a random bloke who’s wandered in off Holloway Road, while Ainsley Maitland-Niles is also freshly scanned. Among the Gunners’ summer signings Sokratis and Stephan Lichtsteiner have real faces, but Bernd Leno and Lucas Torreira do not.

Poor Leno and Torreira tho hah




Been playing it since day 1. Had to get used to the new shooting mechanisms, but finally getting the hang of it. Guess it will be another year of Squad Battling and Weekend League :smiley:


What’s new with shooting?


Everything. Simply pressing O is no longer going to score goals like it did in 18.
You have now “Timed Shooting”. Which means, you shoot and have to time the second tap at the right moment.

Low hard driven shot is now done by L1+R1+O

Since the timed shooting is incredibly frustrating and (for me) hard to execute in a live game against a human opponent, I have found myself to be mostly scoring finesse shots this edition, whereas in 18 I would just power up normally, aim diagonally and it would be a goal 8 out of 10 times.

This time; diagonal shots are also not really that good. Near post is OP as for now.

It’s just really a new FIFA in that sense and it takes some time to get used to it.


Oh god, gonna have to prepare for shots to hit the corner flag





Why am I slowly growing to absolutely love Cech.


Poverty football game


Gonna buy it tomorrow :kos2:


That timed shooting is horseshit. Played the timed trial version (full game) on EA access for an hour or so and you can still just blast it in the net piss easy.


Would rather use my money for spaghetti and vino tbh


Don’t fucking care, you cunt. Do what you want, you clam.