Fifa 19


Clam :gabriel: :poldi:


Like them, tbh. They are great with spaghetti.


Al dente spaghetti :giroud2:


If you are using the times shooting, I doubt you will be blasting it easily into the net in the full game against human opponents. I’ve seen some howlers already and I play at a decent level…


Just played it tonight and I’m sure that in terms of just GAMEPLAY, this is the best, most realistic FIFA game since ever. Definitely demands the most work and produces by far the most life-like representations of top flight football matches in the franchises history.

But I know for a fact that the community will complain about the difficulty and EA will end up patching it to normality early doors. That’d be a shame because these gameplay balancing changes have been needed for fucking YEARS.

There will actually be midfield battles, actual tactics, 0-0’s, 1-0’s and 1-1’s this year. No stupid arse easy long shots that would never go in irl. DEFENDING is actually a force. Pace is nowhere near as elusive any more.

Timed finishing is no joke. It’s a proper mechanic to consider because of how hard it is to create and score chances. And it’s very easy to fuck up.

What pisses me off is their UI is the exact same and for that reason alone people will perceive this to be the same old FIFA as ever. It really isn’t the same but EA have made it look like it is just from a dialog box and font art standpoint.

I just hope they don’t collapse to the inevitable pressure they’ll have come their way the next few days from the wankers that liked everything to flow so easily.


Bought it yesterday morning before work and went up to a friend’s to have a FIFA night. We just played the house rules games. So fun. Probably the best thing EA have done in ages.


I saw that, me and a few mates going to give that a crack tomorrow. Can’t wait!

I just love the fact that goalkeepers now properly throw the ball onto the ground with bounce so you can start effective counters from the goalkeeper. Been crying out for that for ages.


Got it yesterday! Still have to play it though.


Peter Schmeichel was the best for that!


Sounds petty but you know one of the things that pisses me off most about it? Bellerin’s hair :joy: They still have the same hair from his hairstyle 3 years ago that they didn’t even bother fixing in the last Fifa


I’ve been playing FIFA 19 all weekend. Have to say I agree that it’s one of the best football games to date. Definitely the best FIFA I’ve played.

Premier League career mode feels so real, AI actually puts you under severe pressure, especially in away games. Really rewarding if you survive their pressing and hit them on the break.

Looks like I have to play both PES and FIFA this year :thinking:


Nice. Not started a career with Arsenal yet as I want to finish the Journey before I do anything else.


Very fair review.



And he’s even got a tie.

The first bit of fan feedback EA have acted on in a decade :mustafi:


Im an idiot. I bought the new FIFA :santi: does anyone of your guys play FUT ?


Eh the new Fifa cover is lit tho :joy:


They couldn’t find this one with a football shirt on, although it was the overwhelming favourite, nosey


'94 :joy:


Glory days of FIFA were from like 2007 to 2012.