Fifa 19


Hmmm, I’d say my all time favourite FIFAs were Fifa 03, 04, 10 and 12.

Hands down 14 and 15 were the worst of them all.


FIFA 98 was GOAT purely for the indoor 5 a side option.

Seaman, Adams, Vieira, Bergkamp, Wright. Say no more.


Played the current one, was pretty good tbh.


Absolutely loved playing indoors! One of the first FIFA’s I ever owned. I still have it today, but it’s a PC version :smiley: I remember winning the World Cup as the mighty Solomon Islands haha. FIFA 99 was the first game I think I owned on the PS1 and played that endlessly. Loved the fact you could customise any of the players, team kits. As well as the “Super League” concept with all of Europe’s top clubs into one.

The older games seemed to have more of a fresh canvas I think compared to now.


It all started to go to shit with 13 imo. Hearing Clive Tyldesley do the commentary hits u right in the feels tho.


Went downhill the moment they introduced tactical defending and reduced the gap between elite players and the tards, who can now run in a straight line through your defence.


You’re essentially punished in this years FUT for manual defending, probably my biggest gripe with the game as I like to actually fucking play when not in possession.


They fucked it up when they nerfed skill moves. Know its just pace and pass, pass, pass.




@Bl1nk, i bought De Ligt for 40 mil on FIFA.


Planning on using him or insta sell?


Tried to fit him into my team, but he’s flopped so far.


Yeah ok. So far dribbling (balance, agility) are the most important stats this year. Try Mertens, hes a beast and relatively cheap.


Nice pull, I bought Auba on friday and loving life with him so far. Firmino is a little over powered too atm so if you’re not enjoying Icardi you should sell up and bring those two in. Would like to give totw Laca a go but not sure his card justifies 250k.


Good shouts.

I’d love Firmino & Gabriel Jesus upfront


I’ve had Gabriel Jesus for a while and I have to say he’s absolutely abysmal, they’ve completely nerfed him from what he was last year which I suppose is fair enough because he was a little broken gremlin from hell.

Normal Laca has been better for me for half the coins, but yeh Firmino is my mvp atm, he’s expensive but everything he does is silky smooth.


A bit of a change of topic but does anyone miss scoring goals where the ball would get stuck into the top corner of the net? :rofl:


Just invested in 10 IF Howedes for about 15 k each. His ass will blow up when potm Bundesliga sbc arrive in the coming days. Let it raain :giroud2:


Just had some massive luck with UCL upgrade SBC’s. Packed 3 Liverpool players.


That fabinho eighty six is a great pull. I’ve been using the normal card from the start and probably won’t change him until I can afford an icon.