Fifa 19


My current squad, Mkhitaryan and Lacazette and Martial on the bench.


My team:

Alejandro Gomez
IF Fabiàn

Alex Telles


Great team @Forever and @SwissGooner

I started my second team, since I have loads of Brazilians I decided to go all out Brazil with this one.


Sweet team @Bl1nk and @SwissGooner !

My second team is a French one. I had Lucas Hernandez (82) on LB and IF Lala (84) on RB, but sold both to finance some of my EPL players.

Now saving up to finally get either Kante or Pogba. (Which would nicely work for both squads I have got.)


Thanks! Yours looks good too!

I really like Alex Telles, actually prefer him over Alaba.
You could also try to fit IF Talisca in. He did wonders for me in FIFA 18. And Naldo too maybe.

@Forever: Try Kondogbia until you have the coins for Pogba/Kante. Could also rotate Fekir with IF Ben Yedder.

Just some suggestions though.


Thanks for the tip!
For me the French team is secondary, I play with my EPL team (see a few comments up) for which I want to get Kante or Pogba.


Why does this need to constantly update?!

FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFF and let me play!! :tired_face:


That’s my team:


Bellerin de Ligt Sokratis Monreal

Thiago Torreira

Auba Ozil Arnautovic




Looks good!!

De Ligt :grinning:


Thiago for only 50 mil :cech:


De Ligt is lit


To show my appreciation for @Luca_from_Italy i have gone full blown Seria A:


Nice! Do you switch Mandzu and Insigne in the game?


Love that team @LordBendtner


4-1-2-1-2 with mandzukic and Insigne as strikers and Suso CAM.

So far insigne is my GOAT his dribbling is unreal.


If any of you want to test your fut team against a fellow OA member, please do add me onto PSN: Essaux


We should also get a pro club going again.

Add me ‘bl1nk0rz’


I still dream about that time we beat Redcafe in a best of 5. I think it was Fifa 15 or so? Awful long time ago.


Too bad im an Xbox tosser :laca:


GET the fuck in.