Fifa 19


Quicksell that ass :henry2:


You packed him? That’s sick


For now a surplus of speed on the left side. Might sell Sane at some point to finance Pogba. Still saving up for him.



Good old rage message after FIFA loss. Imagine taking the time to write an essay cuz of this stupid ass game.


Game is so crooked, especially online. Complete joke.


Are u going to make Auba potm ? :henry2:


I brought the big man in today, Ucl Sane/POTM Aubs/Hazard front three. Nearly makes the game playable.


Sold all my players, up to 700k now. Hoping to take advantage of the predicted market crash.


Beat City 5-0 in my first game lol! :laca: x4+ :auba:



When would be the best time to buy? Monday? Been saving up too and have about 450k now.


Monday or Thursday.






I’d say Monday - as Thursday ppl start buying players for Weekend League


Hey, been a long time since I haven’t pre-ordered FIFA or skipped a release.
Liked FIFA 18 in the end, even platinumed it. Is it worth it buying it, and if so, when?


Could pick up a copy during Black Friday. It’s cheap.

Game is alright, not really anything new.

Online still a hellhole.


Game is pretty terrible. If it wasnt for my love for football and my friends playing it, i wouldnt touch it with a stick.




It’s honestly the worst FIFA I’ve ever played. Probably one of the worst online games I’ve ever played, it’s meant to be competitive but the majority of what you do is very much out of your control. The skill gap has entirely been replaced by the AI and scripting.

Definitely the last year I pay money for this.