Fifa 18


Jefferies’ analyst Timothy O’Shea questioned whether “Star Wars” game buyers will pay more like consumers of EA’s popular sports titles.

“If Star Wars can encourage users to spend real money on virtual goods (like FIFA) the game could drive meaningful upside to F’18 and '19 EPS, but this is not a certainty,” O’Shea wrote in a note to clients Nov. 1 entitled “Star Wars Battlefront 2: A Trick Or a Treat?”

EA’s stock is up 43 percent year to date through Tuesday compared with the S&P 500’s 15 percent gain.

Interesting excerpt from an CNBC article about wall street getting worried because everyone is so pissed. Looks like they know they’ve already got a cash cow in FIFA and are trying to use that startegy to rip off all other types of gamers too. Fuck EA seriously.


Apparently battlefront lootboxes are under investigation for child gambling in Belgium and Netherlands.

A big stink is being made over this. Hopefully something happens.


My biggest Cristism if EA is how long their taking to get Star Wars games out 2 battlefront games and a mobile game just isn’t good enough


This is the top post on Reddit right now.


Why does anyone even give a shit? Because it’s Star Wars? The sequel to a game I heard nothing but terrible things about seems to be such a big deal and I don’t know why. With FIFA I get it, everyone buys it because it is the football game, but is this game actually an eagerly awaited competitor in the genre or are people just buying it because it’s licenced?


EA destroyed the Command and Conquer series with their greed. They are destroying FIFA too with FUT and so many of their other games. The tide will change at some point when people are completely fed up with it.


Well the original battlefront 1 and 2 came out for the older consoles in 2004 and 2005. It was one of the best games of all time, one of those invite all you friends over and have a tournament games. So to answer ur question yes there are a lot of star wars fans who want to immerse themselves in that universe but at the same time there’s some member berries involved too. The old game was soooo perfect, and now they’ve gone and tried to pass off bull shit loot boxes and collecting make believe credits, as actual game content. So basically give us less of what we want, and charge us more for half of an inferior product, then charge ppl again for the other half of that content that should be included in the first place.


They’ve fucked game series and studios since forever, not just Westwood (C&C etc.) but also Visceral Games (Dead Space etc.), Origin (Ultima etc.), Mythic (DAoC etc), Maxis (Sim City etc) and a bunch of other ones.

EA are cancer, I frown every time I get reminded of their existence by PL refs who have the ugly EA logo on their sleeve. Then again people keep buying their games, so I doubt they give a fk if people complain about SWBFII or any other single game, it’s probably just free publicity, they know the same people will buy their next FIFA, Need For Speed or SIMS game anyway. Consumer power is zero with this one as with many other companies.


I’m just surprised that the partnership of EA and Dice who came together so well to make Battlefield so great, failed that badly with 2015’s Battlefront game and now they’re completely taking the piss with this pay to win nonsense. They already won the worst company award how many times do they want that title?


They even made a Generals 2, launched a beta public test and everyone loved the beautiful updated graphics and gameplay, but then EA execs come in and kill off the game, because it wouldn’t be profitable enough. It takes a special kind of evil to have your studio waste years on making a sequel to one of the most anticipated RTS games and then tell them they won’t launch it and shut down the entire studio as well. How is that logic? Wasting all their resources, money and not launching it at all, because the community revolted against the Free To Play, yet Pay To Play model they wanted to introduce for C&C G2?

I would easily switch FIFA for PES if all my friends did it too. The only reason I play FIFA is because all play FIFA :frowning:


My friend, the keyword, “IF”.
Too many people just stick with FIFA.

FIFA sucks… but PES is not better, so no incentive to switch.
I have a group of friends (around 10) playing FIFA constantly, and NONE of them switch.
They talked a lot, whine a lot, complain a lot of FIFA, but after trying PES, they moved back.


From what i hear PES gameplay is better but fifa just has too much realism in the other modes. If PEs had all the leagues etc, I’d buy PES. I don’t even really give a shit that they don’t have the licenses. Anyways until there’s a viable alternative to FIFA I’ll jist stop playing football games.


Fifa is the only game I buy so paying £40 every September for the new season doesn’t bother me tbh.

For me its worth it to get the updated league’s kits and squads


Realism means a lot.

A few times my parents walked by the TV and asked if I was watching a real game.
After explaining to them, they were just amazed…

As I said, EA SUCKS!!! But the realism really matters… unless you really want to experience the “arcade” feel, or a “brand new” experience and expected to give up a few friends… now is not the timing to switch… PES just need to keep it up and work harder.

After skipping NHL game for more than a decade, I tasted the new control method (to use the right stick to shoot instead of pressing button), and bought NHL17.
2 years in between and really “NOT MUCH” changed!!! Maybe a little tweek or modified but I could not feel the difference.
Gotta admit the graphics and motions are so realistic that it caught my son’s attention and now he is a hockey fan and so eager to play the game with me whenever he could.

Realism matters.


So you play nothing but FIFA all year, at which point you then buy the new FIFA and play that for the next year?

If so give me your Xbox One/PS4, it’s wasted on you :smile:



Not a gamer at all. Just like FIFA tbh along with GTA when it’s out


That’s why line-up on Fifa:


Florenzi Koscielny Mertesacker Kolasinac

Cazorla Elneny Ramsey

Ozil Sanchez

Lacazette (Dzeko)

3 out of 3 in the league and i won the CS :sunglasses:


All the negative things said about EA the company are true obviously. But that won’t make me automatically hate FIFA though lol. The base game is still the most complete football game package out there. PES’s gameplay alone ain’t winning me over when there’s a shortage of time to jump on anyway. I don’t even play the modes everyone hates (career mode and FUT) so it’s all calm for me. Graphics are on point too. A video of a random glitch in a random scenario is just a rarity in an otherwise solid game.


Chipped through balls on fifa are ridiculously unrealistic. They are always straight as an arrow. Game breaking for me. PES all the way.