Fifa 18


Ea is shit, didn’t buy it and im not missing it one bit.




Newcastle really need to cut their grass ffs


Same haven’t touched it and won’t til it’s about £20 on eBay. The only bad thing with football and sports games is the seasonal aspect so half the time you’re only buying it for updated players and teams when little else changes, I waited a year to buy driveclub for £5 and obviously that doesn’t matter but you wait a year for Fifa and it’s out of date, but still the same fucking shit game as the new one.


Finally finished my first season. Got 4th on the last day one point ahead of Tottenham! In my hopefully only season in the Europa League I won it. Beating of all teams Real Madrid in the final!


It’s a sign if you win the Europa League :santi2:


Here ya go the new EA controller for all those micro-transactions. Lol dunno if you guys heard but EA is out of control. Just before Battlefront 2 is released they revealed its basically a pay 2 win game. To unlock Darth Vader it’s about $80 us.


Reddit’s losing it’s shit over Battlefront. Unfortunately it’s not going to change a damn thing, the climate of gaming is set in it’s ways now and I honestly can’t fathom what, if anything, could shift this horrible format of DLC and transactions. It draws many parallels with the situation at Arsenal. Even if a bunch of people vote with their wallets it’s only a drop in the bucket compared to the larger picture.


I read a rumour that EA are considering making FIFA a subscription game and scrapping annual releases :rofl:

Knowing them, it’ll be some BS like 9.99 per month and 40 for DLC new season squad and kit updates :joy:

Fuck EA.


You are right, but it does leave the door open for a developer who is interested in actually making a good game, sneaking his way in and taking a chunk of the business. That’s exactly what happened with NBA 2k and now it’s the leader in basketball games, took the licenses from EA and everything. Someone has to go the opposite way and develop something along those lines tho.


2K is just as bad though with NBA 2k my career mode.

Honestly lads, vote with your wallets.

ONLY ever buy EA games second hand. So they don’t see a penny, and don’t play them online.

But people are too weak for that. Not bought an EA game in 5 years. And even that was pre-owned. Always buggy pieces of shit anyways. Same with 2K now.


Yeah i stopped buying 2k years ago but when i was buying it, it was miles better than NBA live. All my friends still buy it though and NBA live dropped off the face of the earth.


Lol exactly what it will be, and dumb ass ppl will still buy it. Although I do hope they go to this model, would give Pes a huge opportunity.


EA have gone massively downhill. It all started when they went through an unrivalled period in the market.

But now people are wising up and switching to rival titles. A good example is PES which has been rated the better game across the board two years running now and gained a lot of fans.

EA are your typical mainatream bullshit wallet raping merchants who believe they have the monopoly on the market.


What sucks for me is that PES doesn’t really offer the game modes I like. Manager mode, like the vanilla version of FM just in xbox form with football gameplay. From what I read PES has it but they don’t even have the german league ffs lol. Although I’ve held out and instead of playing FIFA I’ve just given up playing football games all together.


Many players were unhappy about the credits that unlock key Star Wars characters.
The number required has now been reduced but so has the number that can be earned through gameplay. The alternative is to purchase them.

Lool, peak EA


It’s like the more they get criticised the more they double down to prove everyone right :joy:


There was a guy streaming playing arcade mode, having a fuckin great time laughing it up loving bf 2. After the match he got a message that he can’t earn anymore credits for 3 hours, earning credits was on a cool down lmao. Needless to say his demeanour changed immediately.

Edit: Here’s a video of a guy who unlocked Boba Fett and was shit until he paid for the upgrades and just started destroying ppl


The candy crush model for star wars. EA are just new level cunts aren’t they?


It’s not EA’s fault that you guys don’t feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.