Fifa 18


Lol, amazed people pay for this shit.

Every single technique, ability, fighter, and stat roll, is entirely acquired and upgraded through the loot box system.
A base level jab will do minimal damage to online opponents, however a fighter that purchases a loot box and acquires a five-star rarity level jab, will not only have a more efficient and powerful technique in combat, but will also be treated to a host of stat increases in all regards, making their player undeniably better in every scenario.


People bitched about fifa but i think they kinda nailed it. FUT is completely separate and you can completely bypass it if you want. People that want regular old fifa can have regular old fifa. I’ve had plenty of enjoyment from it just on the special edition (i think it was like an extra £10) that gives you 1 pack a week. Shuffling your team and playing on the app was fun like fantasy football. And you can still do well without a Messi / Neymar team. And people say they put their efforts into that but it hasn’t changed a great deal in a few years.

But this new wave of utter cuntishness is concerning. They’re setting industry standards now and others will follow if they get away with it. The entire mobile gaming world shifted to microtransactions when they saw it work and I’d hate for console gaming to end up so tacky.


You say all this but the regular modes have suffered since fut is what they invest everything in, career mode has barely changed in five or so years, there’s so much to fix and improve with it that just never happens.


But as I said, FUT has been the same. I haven’t got 18 but the 3 or so iterations before that that I played were basically the same shit. Maybe their social media department produces more content about it these days but I didn’t see much actual development going in.

The whole game is neglected because they’ve stumbled on a goldmine of customers that are happy to pay £45 for a game with very little innovation, just minor engine tweaks and basically a kit and stats update.


@Calum he’s talking shit bout you bro


It’s true. I said idiots initially but thought Calum deserved better so went for customers.


Lol ok FIFA


wow… WTF??

I gave up this game anyway…


Ahahahah! WUT!?


That needs the x-files theme


Mhiki’s first assist :wink:

#Mhiki’sMagicHat :tophat:


When do the player transfers get updated?


There is one just released that has Mhiki at Arsenal and everyone like Walcott etc gone.

Giroud still here and Auba still at BVB tho so they’ll probably release a deadline day one in a few days or so I’d imagine?


So lame just fucking get it done a few hours after the deadline fucking fifa ea wankers


Anyone else here playing FUT? I know Blink does.

Just curious to see someone else’s team!

Saving up coins now to probably buy Griezmann or save more for Pogba. Takes ages though :frowning:


Fucking Sven has me all excited about Arsenal now and I’m getting the itch to play fifa 18. Anyone in here play manager mode? Is it better or complete shit?

On a different note, guess what? EA announced their plan to reintroduce loot crates to BF 2, they are coming baaackk lel.


Your doing what with Sven?


I am sure he meant theo…but then he left :henry2:




I tried to play this the other day after playing PES for the past 1.5 years. God fifa is so far behind on gameplay its not even funny anymore.