Fifa 18

Finally!! Updated career mode :sunglasses:


I watched a video on transfer negotiations on fifa 18 career mode yesterday, and it looks cool but honestly with the amount of players I normally buy and sell career mode is going to take ages with all these cut scenes

Don’t expect too much change


New Career mode sounds brilliant! Image negotiating with Wenger here, lol!

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Nope, too late. Fuck FIFA and EA. Hope we can spearhead a movement to rid the earth of FIFA, similar to how NBA 2K shit on NBA LIVE from EA because they basically make shit games. Cmon my fellow brethren let’s start the movement. Buy PES with me this year!!!


I will never buy PES

Why not, I’ve only played it a couple of times but the gameplay seems good. I wanna try the career mode thingy they’ve got and see if it’s any good or not. Can’t be worse than FIFA.

I try out the PES demo every single year and it’s just not for me really, always had fifa and even though it barely changes every year I still like it

Ahh yes the perfect FIFA customer. We will hardly upgrade major modes of the game, change the gameplay every 5 years or so to a new engine, but the people keep shelling out the dough so why fuck up a good thing. Keep giving them your $60 per year, and don’t forget to spend the rest of your money buying those packs hoping you get Ronaldo :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll never buy PES tbh.

FIFA is a social thing with friends aswell.

I’ve never heard of lads having a PES night have you?


No but the culture must change. FIFA has been stealing our money for too long now. You can make a difference Calum, we can force change.


I buy FIFA every year ever since I switched from PES in 2011. I buy it because it’s the best football game out there, very flawed, yes, and probably 90% the same as the FIFA the year before. But I know I will play it a lot anyway, just love football too much not to play. Great banter with friends, too.

The list of things that annoy me on FIFA is endless. Especially the scripting and handicapping bullshit.

EA have played it well, they know their game is flawed and only work hard on improving their cash cow FUT. The game will sell anyway.

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Fair play to you if you can still stomach handing over your money to those fucking fucks, but they do that in almost every game they develop, so I’m done with everything EA not just FIFA.

I go on Ultimate team but never pay for packs, just earn coins through matches

At least Arsenal should be decent on FIFA this season. First time I’ve had zero interest in either football game though. Buying purely on a traditional basis.

When do player ratings come out? I’m not looking forward to how shit we’re going to be after last season.

Recently started playing Pro Clubs again.

After playing PES for most of the year, you can tell how deeply flawed fifa is. It’s nowhere near a reflection of the beautiful game. Ive put many hours into both brands, and can hand on heart say PES is for the purists of the game. Fifa is for those who just want to pick up and play Klopp football


Let’s try to win something with us on FIFA at least :xhaka:

You heard it here. My mind is made up, cmon lads lets do this. PES online this year, who’s got an Xbone? VIVE LA REVOLUCION!!

PES and Online has been an awful combination since the start. Lag, servers, lobbies. Lol. Awful.