Fifa 18



Arsenal players?




Don’t think we have any plays deserving to be in that video.

Loved that video thiough, well funny




Demo day :confetti_ball:


Are you talking FIFA or Wenger here?


A chance to work at EA Sports :slight_smile:


The EA SPORTS Football Analyst is the dedicated football expert with time to research, review, and edit teams and players. Your expertise can help us determine how players and teams rate and play in the game. This is a voluntary position and offers no financial compensation but can lead to contracted work with financial compensation.


Lol PES is the original lads night social game.

Half the people I know that still buy it, do it because they remember the good times playing it till 4 in the morning on the PS2 at uni.

Bringing my copy of PES 5 to my cousins and having long ass tournaments was my childhood and why I still have a soft spot for the game.

Don’t really play football games anymore but if I did, EA sure aren’t ever seeing 1p of my money.


New transfer stuff is a bit mind numbing. Seems like a re-skin of the current way with the exact same options and process. Was really hoping for a more dynamic experience.


EA reskin something and present it as new? NOOOOOO I don’t believe it!


I just hope they let me start somewhere mid way in seasons, been division 1 last months, but it has been a struggle and pain to get there and stay there. I swear sometimes I play similar games and one I win with 5-0 everything going in and the other one even the easiest chances manage not to go in. Don’t know if scripting exists, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.


The demo was horrendous. Every finesse shot went in, and they were down the middle of the goal…


Scripting is alive. Especially on FUT.


Fifa is one of the biggest licks of all time. Not bought it since 14 IIRC but I bet there’s no difference between that & 18, same bugs, same gameplay and nothing new.


I advise all FIFA players to read this RE: Scripting


I played the Fifa 18 demo and it looks and feels good. Seems a little slowed down compared to Fifa 17, but maybe that’s just a difference between offline and online.

Online fifa 17 is lightning speed compared to this 18 demo.

Will buy it anyway, again, too much fun and I like to struggle to get to the highest division online.


Some of these moments, could be just bad luck or well played. I don’t know. There is this shot on the post and then someone scores after all from a rebound. One could also say, if scripting occurred, why not have it not hit the post at all but just go straight in.

When I look at some of the top players, they have stats like 100-10-12 or so, so this either means they know how to beat scripting or there is no scripting. I have more modest stats, but I consistently stay in Division 1 or 2 and go back up.

The only times I experience scripting, at least I think I do, is when I am on a good run, about to win the division title and for the life of me I screw up those last important games. But that could also just be my own fault or them pairing me with someone really really good.


Let’s bring our Pro Clubs back from retirement for 18. We had some great games on earlier FIFA’s.

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I am down! Was fun.
Especially that best of 5 against RedCafe. :smiley: