Fifa 18


I’m keen! Just need to work around my girlfriend haha


She needs to give you some Fifa time man!




What console you got it on brah?





Yeaahhh I remember Craigie on that team too :smiley:


Shit! Knew I forgot someone!


Oh man…I can only play late at night and by then you lot are tucked up in bed :frowning:

I am also thinking of avoiding the game, played the demo and was like meh!





Played the EA Access last night. I just cant do Fifa anymore, its just awful compared to PES these days.


I think both aren’t good. PES has many flaws, feels like an outdated game. Interface, network connectivity, myClub, even Master League is a bit dodgy nowadays. Gameplay alone can’t save a game, for me.

FIFA just edges it, but it’s far from great. It’s pretty much FIFA 17 with minor changes, it’s almost like you head into settings and tweak the sliders, haha. I only play Career mode and it’s ridiculous how little EA care about it. It’s all about FUT.

Gone are the times of PES5 and 6. Those were the proper football gaming days.

Nowadays it’s all about the online coin-based cash cows FUT and myClub. Not for me.


Same. I don’t give a shit about all that FUT stuff. It’s too time consuming, I hate micro-transactions and I think the whole card-trading thing is too much effort.

I just want to sit down and play FIFA online with some friends and a nice career mode but even the career mode is shit these days with all that pseudo-scouting bullshit.

FIFA 98 and FIFA 04 were classics, but for FIFA 11-13 were absolutely amazing for their combination of graphics, gameplay, replayability and manager modes.

So damn good. I miss them.


Agree that both games both have flaws and are probably both as frustrating as each other in difrent ways, I’ve been hating pes 18 but have resivations about also buying fifa as I know that always pisses me off too


What’s with the halo effect (white outline around all the players) it’s to distracting. Only played the opening game so don’t know if it was just in that part off the game.


Is the game out already??


Out on Friday. (29th)


Out on Ea access to play for 10hours. So can get my practice in before I pick it up on PS4 on Friday


It’s sad but at the end of the day, I think my football game days are over. I only play for manager mode, and I like scouting and developing youth players. I hardly ever play as Arsenal, only when ive brought Preston East End up from the depths and won everything with them. I’ve read up in PES and they only have the PL and the championship no lower divisions. Kinda lame. Maybe someone can fill me in on if Football Manager is any good or not?