Fifa 18


Played the Fifa 18 demo, and it looks like it’s quite easy to score,every finesse hit goes in, the online mode would be awful i guess


Today’s the day!


From the reviews I’ve seen and playing the demo it seems they’ve pushed the attacking fluidity up quite far and now every sick player looks OP going forward. It’s a meaningful change at least but balance wise I’m not sure.

Might look nice initially but it could probably get a bit shallow and I can see it not holding up well throughout the months. At the same time it might be fucking fun to jump on from time to time too.

Oh and as for the modes, as usual I hate that Ultimate Team takes up 95% of their effort.

Still nothing like release day. After work… roll on the fucking evening already!


I picked it up from Sainsbury’s today and I’m just about to go play it now, can’t wait!

I thought it was really difficult to put fluid play together in FIFA 17, maybe it was my playstyle or whatever, but I felt like I often scored a lot of scrappy goals, so if they have upped the fluidity then that sounds like a lot of fun.

I don’t mind that Fifa is more arcadey. It’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun, I don’t want every goal I score to be some fucking scrappy League 1 goal or set piece headers, I want to play some good Barcelona/Man City shit, end to end, high tempo stuff. Obviously I want to be able to defend as well and shut up shop if I need to, but it’s important to me as user that I can have fun while playing it. And for the past 3 FIFAs I haven’t felt that. I really miss the gameplay of FIFA 09/10/11/12/13.

Also fuck Ultimate Team and the focus it gets, and fuck all the micro-management bullshit in Manager Mode, if I want to buy Dolberg or Rabiot or Coutinho or whoever the fuck I don’t want to need to scout him for like 3 weeks to figure out they’re an 80 or 85 or some shit. Just let me see how good they are and then let me fucking buy them you fucking cunts. If I wanted to do that nerdy quantitative analytical stats shit I’d be playing FM.


Can’t help but feel I’ve been completely fleeced by EA for buying this.

Defending is a nightmare, but I’m sure that with time and experience it will get easier. But it really is just FIFA 17 with a few extra cut scenes.

Anyone doing career mode with Arsenal?


Yeah I’m really not enjoying the defending haha but I’ll give it time.

It also seems like speed is completely nonexistent, Bale couldn’t outrun Juanfran in the game I played haha


Up and running! Sent invites to those who have FIFA 18.


Got it last night. Went right on to the second season of the journey. Really enjoy that mode


He’s still in the game :confused:


I’m enjoying this WAY more than Fifa 17.

It’s much better. Defending is super tricky though.


Passing in this game is miles better
Shooting is much improved and the ai teams don’t finish their chances all the time either
Slide tackling is harder to do this year I just Carnt get the timing right at the minute

Here’s psu best players to sign on career mode
Going to snap up that GK when I start my save


The interfaces especially online are pretty much the exact same, as are most of the graphical models. But the gameplay itself is radically different. They’ve curtailed the simulation and realism aspects enormously. It’s a lot closer to the gameplay model they had back in the FIFA 09 and FIFA 10 days. I see quite a few similarities to the PES series this time around. They could cut back on some of the stupidly effective long shots but generally it appears people prefer this kind of FIFA.


Attacking is OP! 5-0 6-1 etc

Seasons commenced.

Anyone up for Pro Clubs or Coop soon?


I can play some clubs tonight


Please invite me!
Essaux on FIFA


Caved in and bought it. PES is still better though!




Pro Clubs anyone tonight?


Sorry, have had little time last few days, will try and come on more this week!


Give me a shout if you see me online

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