Fifa 17


Nice one @Midfield_Maestro I always turn the first window off aswell when I’m Arsenal to keep it realistic.

I always find it ridiculously hard to keep clean sheets even against shit teams at home. End of October in mine and I have only kept two.

Quite happy rotating the striker role with Alexis, Welbeck, Lucas and Giroud until January.


Ffs, this has happened to me as well now. Signed a player on loan, which increased the wages by 26% (25% allowed). My manager popularity dropped from 93 to 67 ‘below expectations/underperforming’. I’m top of the league and in the EFL cup final lol. So i sold three players thinking it would solve the problem… NOPE. The wage increase was suddenly 36%? It went up?! I sold three players! Such bullshit.
So you didn’t get sacked then @Arsenal4thetreble ?

It’s so frustrating as I made sales to get Akpom on loan, it fit the budget, then this happens :angry:


I also turned off the first transfer window to keep it more realistic. I am at the end of November and still unbeaten in the league!!! Can see an invincible-like season coming. Need a new striker because Giroud is already starting to decrease (as is Cazorla).

So I’ll try to buy one of Draxler/Volland or just say f*ck it and splash the cash on Auba/Reus/Griezmann or Dybala. Alexis does not cut it for me as a CF so far… Maybe I’ll just try to play Lucas or Welbeck.

Also need to find some back-ups so I will try to sign Ceballos and a RB (sell Debuchy and loan Jenks).

Anyone got some suggestions on who to buy?


Try and sign these if you can:

Ousmane Dembélé (Borussia Dortmund)
Marco Asensio (Real Madrid)
Julian Brandt (Leverkusen)


I won the EFL Cup and League 1 that year so they let me slide lol. The next year I had different financial objectives fortunately so that made it a bit easier. I have a bigger complaint though with this game.

In my first year in the PL I finished in 10th and avoided relegation. At the end of the season I got an email saying that as a result of us staying in the premier league we’ve gotten a £95m payout which will go towards my next seasons transfer budget. Fuck yeah! Next season rolls around and my transfer budget… £3m :facepalm:

Not so realisitic tbh. I don’t know many premier league teams with a £3m transfer budget. Anyways to make it a bit more realisitic I used one of those financial takeover power ups, which gave me £30m. I used that to buy me a legit LB and RW


That’s what I’m gonna do as well whenever the board give me an unrealistic budget. Thank fuck the catalogue is there to bail you out. It’s so unfair to see all that hard earned money vanish, to where exactly?! A new stadium? Nope.


Lol, the developers must be Arsenal supporters :cristo:


FFS! Still need to install it. Fucking work! :wilshere:


Didn’t sign Auba as I said above. As I turned the first window off I had 90M to spend in January. So bought Bale for 60M + Chamberlain. Hahahaha

Then Fekir for 27M + Mertesacker.

Team now is


Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Monreal

Xhaka Cazorla

Bale Özil Fekir




Was losing 2-0 to Boro.

Then Draxler happened. Won 4-2.


First time the big 4 play together.

Winning 3-0 at home to Watford Alexis hattrick! Best game Alexis has had since I started the save.

Have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this attack!


Next game we lose 1-0 at home to Hull. :joy: So very Arsenal that.


Just found this website which makes career mode very interesting! @Bl1nk @Arsenal4thetreble @Midfield_Maestro @SwissGooner Shows how high the arsenal squad can get on career mode!.[]=13&tm[]=1

Iwobi can get to 86!

Bellerin 87!!

Xhaka 87

Ozil 90

Mustafi 88!

Jeff 78

Zelalem 84?!

You can search any player in the game by typing their name at the search box at the top :slight_smile:

Kylian Mbappe potentially 87 :heart_eyes: Will be my first signing in Summer 2017.


Sweet find!


On what difficulty do you guys play?

I think I’m on professional and am barely getting wins, at times it’s just impossible to get to ball from the AI. Can only imagine what it’s like on world class and legendary.


Thanks mate, I already knew and love this page! Check out as well. They publish very helpful guides and player reviews for career mode. I really had much fun playing with teams they suggested to start a career with in FIFA 16 and I am sure these will follow for the new version soon.


Theres sites like that on every fifa so far mate. Kind of ruin career mode tbh. By the way they arent always accurate - I’ve had different players going up various levels on different saves


I know but if you are looking for a real challenge and don’t know which team to choose, this site can help you and it’s good to find some “hidden gems”.

EDIT: this post is about Just quoted the wrong person :wink:


Dunno what happened here lol. I’ve had Chelsea away on Wednesday, Liverpool away on Friday and Southampton away on Sunday all in the PL!! :thinking:

Had to play a completely different team against Southampton with youth players on the bench as the first team is completely fucked lol


If you stay in all four competitions you’ll find this is the case during the winter period on Fifa. The calendar is a bitch.


I still need to finish to install it, FFS! He is taking so long, but i can’t do it until 5:30 p.m. when i am back from work :wilshere: