Fifa 17


@Bl1nk your avatar looks great :ok_hand:


Thanks. I love the old school Mitre balls.


Those were originally made near me. Class balls. That phrase is staying.

Bl1nk teach me how then! Just seem to fucking go wide every time.


Sigh. So as suspected the new additons to manager mode are broken as fuck. I won league 1 with Milwall with 101 points. 12 points clear of second. However because I traveled too much and didn’t create enough match day revenue, my perfromance was judged “satisfactory” by the board. Even though I had a bunch of money in my transfer budget at the end of the season apparently that doesn’t count for the bottom line. Lol I guess it’s more realistic? However what’s the next step of the game? Make your own ads and market the club to sell more tickets? Ugh these games when they try to get too complicated usually muck things up in the process. It’s why I quit playing some other EA sports games because they made it far too complicated in the manager mode. EA is honestly one of the worst game developers that’s ever existed imo.


They’re like apple, release something nowhere near perfect so you expect it fixed in the next edition.


The scouts still seem as shit as 16, nowhere near as good as 15 where I think they peaked. I know it’s not realistic but you get absolutely zero gems anymore nothing rated over 65 ever even aged 18, they’re always around 40-55 on a good day


Bought it today. Just need to install it now :ozil2:


Lol check this out. I have a 16 year old keeper sitting in my youth team a 65 rating overall, at 16! I can’t sign him though because his contract demand are £450.00 per week…for 0 years. So I offer him a 1 year contract and I get an email the following day saying his disappointed I didn’t meet his contract length demands. Please tell me EA, how can I sign a player for 0 years?


Finally getting this today ! So late to the party ! how’s it playing fellas ?


Very happy I went with PES this year


Tried searching for it in clubs but can’t find it. Added you on PSN: HumberAtom


He can sure hit them on the game too.


Just played a few games with Arsenal on career mode so far. After a really f*cked up preseason where I lost against small clubs, I’m slowly starting to enjoy it. Drew 1:1 with Liverpool and smashed Leicester 0:4 away with Giroud and Walcott each putting 2 goals in the back of the net.

Tackling has improved imo. I find it more difficult to play fluently with quick short passing and 1-2s. It also seems like the game itself is less fluent and I struggle to see the runs of my own players. Shooting has changed as well but I will reserve my judgement on that for later.

Playing legendary on PS4 btw.


Just finished the journey.

Spoiler below

Bit annoying its only one season lol. Hopefully they extend it in future FIFA’s.


I finished season two on my MM which I’m playing as Ian Wright managing Millwall. I finished 10th in the championship table and won the English League cup. Almost got sacked because I increased the wage bill by 40%, when I was supposed to keep it at 20%. What I don’t understand is why I have a budget for transfers and wages set aside if I can’t use it without the risk of being sacked. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of giving me a budget?

Anyways I’m halfway through season three and they keep sending me emails about not being on target to make the club a profit of £17m. Of course I’m 1st in the table heading towards promotion to the PL, however I think I may have saved my job by making it out of the group stages in the Europa League. They gave me a £4.5m payout which put me back on track to make the club their profit they want.

@Gio I signed a kid from my youth side who was at the time maybe a 63 or 64, but he improved massively in one year. He’s a 71 already and only 17 years old. I haven’t been able to find that 73 overall 16 year old yet either but it seems like if you get the right player they improve very fast. I’ve also found similar players on other teams. I signed a 19 year old striker from Inter named Zé Turbo. He improved to 73 in about 4 months and was the top scorer in the Championship. I got an offer in the winter for him for around £5m from Napoli and I was able to get £7.1m for him after negotiations. So you can find gems here and there.




:wenger: FIFA 17 really is realistic!


Doing well with Northampton Town.

On course for promotion after 26 games. Losing just two, drawing 2, winning 22. Top of the league. My squad is in dire need of quality though, soon as the squad gets a little stretched I tend to struggle. The team is so unbalanced too, having to play a rightback in center of midfield lol. I turned off the first transfer window, to make it realistic, it sure made it harder too!

Looks like it’s gonna be a struggle to sign players too, due to the financial restrictions the board have set, like @Arsenal4thetreble also mentioned. Good job btw with Millwall :slight_smile: hope I can follow your footsteps.

Anyhoo, made it to the semi-final of the EFL cup, was hoping that would give me some cash, but fucking hell it’s an awful turn out, making the semi gave me like €30k lol. Cunts. Nice run though, beat Everton away, Watford on pens, amazing scenes.

I’ve got some gems in my academy, who are already better than some of my first-team players LOL, a goalkeeper who’s just 15 is my best goalkeeper. Have to wait for his birthday before I can bring him to first-team :santi:

So halfway the season I’m doing amazingly. If I keep this up I’ll comfortably win the league. I’d even take 2nd place too. Just wanna go up!

I’m really enjoying career on this FIFA. I expected it to be dull and repetitive with a shitty team like Northampton (no offense @Mysty but they are on FIFA!) but I actually score some lovely goals now and then :slight_smile:


Think I will start an arsenal career mode tomorrow! My first signing will be


Buy. Fucking. Draxler.

So I was having trouble getting goals this season. Im fighting for 1st but having a lot of 1 nils and missing a lot of chances.

January comes along and I buy Mr Draxler from Wolfsburg for around 38m (turned the first summer window off). I thought fuck it Im going to play him up front and give him no.10.

Ive never had a player on any footy game make such an impact.

Draxler first 4 games:

vs Newcastle (League Cuo)- debut goal. Taken off at HT.
vs Bournemouth (FA Cup) - 4 goals!
vs Chelsea (Prem) - hatrick on PL debut.
vs Hull (Prem) - 1 goal.

9 goals in 4 games. Absolutely ridiculous. Playing on Legendary btw.
He’s lanky, great dribbler and a fierce shot. 5 star weak foot too. Like RvP on roids.