Fifa 17



Do you guys really purchase the same game every year?


The ai in this game is shocking I mean u call for a pass and it fucks it up then I get punished for a bad pass. Or the defence wonders off and does it own thing. I don’t mind the new free kick/corner just need to learn how to use it. But the new pen system is terrible I carnt power up the shot till the player start to move.

Carnt say much for the graphics since most ea games don’t look that good on frostbite engine.


What does that mean MM? lol


They say form is temporary. So pick up the pad now.


Why don’t you play Xhaka? :bellerin: :wenger:


Balance and rotation :wenger:

Getting paired against Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich all the time doesn’t help either. :pensive:


I don’t buy it, you’re obviously Arsene Wenger.


Damn Coq is an 83? Finally the man gets some fucking respect!!


Had to reward that temporary respect with a starting berth :sunglasses:


First time ever in getting the new FIFA I haven’t started with a Arsenal career mode! The Journey is just so good to not play it.


Started a career with Northampton Town. Gonna be a looooong one.

Will post updates here.


My fucking brother bought PES :facepalm:


First success for the Cobblers!

Won my international friendly tournament, I had to participate because I needed the money. My starting budget was €160,000. By winning the tournament I got my budget up to €3,200,000. Used that money to buy an academy scout. Hope he scouts me some serious talent. Benefits of playing this lower league stuff is being able to play youth products in my first-team much sooner.

Revell my revelation so far, scoring 7 goals in 4 games, basically winning me the friendly cup.

Onwards and upwards.


Now you’re just talking Cobblers :wink:


OA Pro Club up and running! I’ve sent invites to those in my friend list. Others, look for ‘Online Arsenal’ or add me on PSN: bl1nk0rz


This is the exact reason I stopped buying Football Manager for a while. It’s just a reskinned version year after year.


Finishing is so poor on this. Just miss so many sitters and where one touch to shoot would be ideal and simple for a league two player, your 89 rated forward takes three touches and gets mauled by the keeper. Again. And again. And again. Can’t score a long distance shot to save my life despite numerous people telling me Xhaka is OP. I’m only on world class as well. Infuriating shit.


Finishing has always been poor on FIFA.


No trouble at all finishing chances really, I’ve even scored a few long rangers.