Fifa 17


Anyone bothering with the early access?


Only just now noticed that the Fifa 17 player ratings are out. They can be found here

Arsenal here
Ramsey upgraded from 82 to 84 :arteta:

The Bundesliga, with the exception of the ridiculous Bayern, is underrated as usual.

La Liga looks very nice though. Always some really fun 4 star teams there :slight_smile:


Perez with pace of 76. :grinning:


is that good or bad? haha


Considering he was dubbed the Spanish Vardy, I’d have thought he was much quicker.


yeah started playing yesterday.

Theo down has a Lw/Lm


Anyone got it yet?


Been playing all week on ea access soon be midnight so can unlock the full game


Need some reviews from you lads before I commit to buying this later tonight…!!!


I’ll be full on playing it this weekend, so I’ll post a review somewhere around Sunday/Monday.


It’s so damned expensive but I do want it.


I got it in the mail today. Yes I’m a hypocrite, but I didn’t actually pay for it lol. Anyways I figured I’d give it one more try. Haven’t played it yet cause of the kids and Arsenal tonight but I’ll be getting into it this weekend.


For the first time in the series it actually feels worse to play. Wtf.


I remember FIFA 12 being one of the best FIFA’s ever and then when 13 came out it completely sucked ass. I’ll reserve judgement until I play it but yeah I’ve been tired of buying a reskinned game for $60 every year for a while now…basically for roster changes and new player ratings :angry:. Sometimes it’s improved upon and sometimes EA fuck it up bad.


@Midfield_Maestro do you think its the new engine?


Yeah. And the graphics arent any better either. Feels very rugged. And im using a 4k telly.


Me and my mates really enjoyed the demo though, thought it was a fair bit easier to have good games in the 17 demo than Fifa 16.


So how is it?


See ya lads. I’m off to play this all afternoon !


Loving the journey so far! Signed for Bournemouth as it would be easier to play more games.

On my debut in America we were playing PSG and when I was subbed on we had a free kick. I took and unexpectedly scored! :joy: