Fifa 17


The ratings system in general has changed a bit if the beta is anything to go by. It’s too early to be assured of these things. The demo should be much more indicative of how it’ll shape up.


Soundtrack announced today and it’s fucking outstanding! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Best they have had so many good songs. :heart::heart:

Edit: if you have Spotify type FIFA 17 in the search bar and you can listen to it. What I’m doing currently!



Demo today!



Feeling to book the friday and monday off work when it comes out lol


I am seriously in 2 minds about getting this…will you all be doing an OA online thingy?


We haven’t really done so for the last two FIFA’s. Not sure it’ll change this time.

The band broke up after our amazing win vs the Mancs.


The game is released on my actual birthday…its like an omen :wink:


Getting it on on release date :ozil2:


Demo released now. PlayStation network down for maintenance. Of fucking course it is.


Looks like an improved version, but I already had my budget on NBK2k17 and NHL17…


There’s something in the gameplay that just puts me off, also the decrease of quality of the models in the gameplay are shameful for game in 2016, I could count the pixels in Ibrahimovic silly haircut ffs.



that bad???


I’m sure a lot of people will like the gameplay, though the penalty thing is just silly.
The decrease in quality was like someone turned off all anti-aliasing. I don’t if it’s a demo thing, but it was way too obvious.


my friends said PES has better game play…


Thoughts on the demo?

I’ve played 2 games. The engine looks an improvement! Duels are more intense.


I may try it when it is cheaper…

Just got my NHL 17 copy yesterday and love the HUT very much, almost the same as FIFA FUT.


Ai is a massive improvement players now move into better postions also nice to see ai teams players trying trick moves and holding the ball up.

Will be picking this up on xb1 just because ea access means i can play it from next week


I really don’t know what to make of it at the moment. Was hoping the in game graphics would better (not the CGI stuff coming out of the tunnel etc). Everything except the shooting feels very samey.


Just played the demo for the first time. Had a great game as RM vs City. Went to pens.

What the fuck have they done to the pens lads?!?! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: