Fifa 17

New Career Mode features!

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Can’t wait to get it! The new Career Mode sounds cool.

Looks awesome TBH. Hopefully these are the improvements it has been needing for years. There goes my promise to not get fucked by EA Sports again!


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As I’ve said before FIFA is so stale. Those are not new features they just reverted to FIFA 06 with match day revenue and having to keep your club in the black. Oh wow you can see your virtual manager roaming the sidelines? Nm then let me shell out $60 for that!!

They deliberately make it shit so chumps like us are swayed into changing their minds when they maybe make it better. I’ve only been 60% swayed this year, hopefully they don’t reveal too much more good shit :santi2:

Saying that though, I bet this feature gets boring after 2 hours. Expand your brand in China probably just means play some preseason friendlies in China, and everything else you could just do if you wanted, you don’t need a list on a screen to tell you to promote youth players or not spend too much.

Knowing how shitty EA is at developing games, you could probably win the treble and get fired that year for not selling more kits in Asia.

Haha Wenger in Fifa.

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Glad that Barcelona, Arsenal and Liverpool being fully licensed on PES 2017 hasn’t impacted too heavily on their FIFA 17 presence. Camp Nou’s gone for a good three years though. This licensing war is awful for gamers.

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Is he gonna sit on the bench all the time like he is taking a shit as well? :coq:

Problem is that EA don’t develope all their games themselves. But they sure rush em out to the shelves. This was maybe more of an issue 10 years ago, but as soon as it’s an EA game, I expect it to be full of bugs, compability problems, bad research and stale.


List of Arsenal player ratings according to ‘leaked graphic’

87 – Petr Cech
77 – Hector Bellerin
78 – Gabriel Paulista
84 – Laurent Koscielny
80 – Nacho Monreal
82 – Aaron Ramsey
85 – Santi Cazorla
83 – Granit Xhaka
82 – Aaron Ramsey
88 – Mesut Ozil
86 – Alexis Sanchez
82 – Olivier Giroud
81 – Jack Wilshere
78 – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
73 – Mohamed Elneny
69 – Alex Iwobi

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Going from memory most of the ratings haven’t changed at all over the years. I remember playing Fifa12 and most of the players are pretty much the same as the shown above with 1-2 even regressing lol


These leaks are never the final ratings, take them with a pinch of salt as those are usually from really early builds of the game at events like Gamescom and whatnot.


Beta’s solid. Glad there’s a new engine. Gives the game an air of freshness that it desperately needs. Arsenal are pretty strong from what it looks like at this early juncture. It’s FIFA but fresher, slicker, sleeker, more attractive to play and watch. Looking forward to the demo.

Man United are a joke. Clearly biased. Theres no way that manakin Bastien is an 86.
Smalling 85 making him one of the best CBs in the game.
The biggest joke is Darmian at 81…lol. The guy is actually woeful but rated better than Bellerin.

Eleny and Iwobi should be higher for us. Everyone else looks fair.

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Psht Ibra isnt half the man Giroud is, clearly biased.

Wow Man Utd… Mikyhitaryan 87?!

Even Rooney being anything above an 80/81 is shocking now given how far he has fallen. Smalling is an 81/82 type centre back who had a good start to the season and tailed off. Followed with a poor euros for England. Bastion is shot to pieces.

Darmian though… LVG ruined the kid. He was an excellent full back but according to the Italy camp he arrived at the Euros in the worst mental and physical condition. He was a victim of LVG reign as manager.

For second time today. Those ratings are fake.

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