Fifa 17


Last minute winner to win the league. Alexis in the 88th! Would have been gutted to lose it on the last day after being top for months lol.


Finally Arsenal didn’t fuck it up :poldi:


Lol only on fifa.

Am getting bored now. Wish there was an ultimate difficulty like on UT.


haha awesome!


I’ve already quit playing FIFA 17 after about a week or 10 days. I’m not interested in any game mode besides Career Mode. They haven’t improved it enough and what they did add was broken. I managed Millwall to greater heights than ever in their history, but all I got was bitched at because I didn’t make the club that 17m profit they were looking for lol.

I already had flirted with the idea of skipping FIFA this year and not buying it however since I got the game for free I decided to give it one last chance. I ended up being let down again so I will skip it next season and definitely buy PES to try something new.

I’ve read some interesting articles about FIFA and a lot of the career mode players feel the same way I do. The mode feels neglected and for good reason. FUT is what makes the money so obviously most of their resources are going into that. I can overlook bugs in mm, but when it’s the same shit every year, I have to ask why I just keep giving them money for no reason.


I went with PES this year and enjoying it, it’s not perfect but when you have the little odd momentsit isnt quite as frustrating coz it kind of revels in it being a computer game and not trying to be a complete simulation of actual football

PES is without a doubt much more fun to play


Finally got the hang of it all, scored a couple of amazing screamers with Xhaka. He was expensive, but Dybala is just incredible, hat trick on his debut but yeah just runs through defenders and finishes coolly time and time again.

@hassassin how did you do that celebration over the advertising boards?

@Arsenal4thetreble yeah I’ve got a 63 rated 15 year old 6’7 Italian left back. Can see him reaching 68-70 by end of the season with training, he’s strong as fuck but slow, might convert him to CB but yeah now and then a real gem does appear.


Run over to it and the player should jump on them! :slight_smile:


That simple? Fuck me im stupid. Need to learn the button combos. Was watching all of Ian wrights Arsenal goals last night and I loved his jump and spin celebration there’s nothing like that available as far as I can see?


Haha yeah. Best one is when the player jumps on it then falls back and his teammates catch him


Ultimate Team is horrific unless you have stupendous players, mine are awful and just fail at every opportunity.

Online Seasons can do one too…feels and plays terrible and connections are abysmal.

In one game I had 19 shots 16 on target, keeper saved everything, they had 2 shots 2 goals my keeper was a cunt.

Completed the The Journey and left me empty afterwards…gutted, probably expected more.

Be a Pro thing is exactly the same and I really cannot begin to go through the motions of that again.

Pro Clubs seems to be the only thing I am enjoying all be not played with you guys yet as my timings are so out of sync with you all, my fault entirely!

I am so fucked off and wish now I had just gone PES for something different and not samey. Even the goals I am scoring feel boring and get no pleasure from them.


Bought it and played a couple of games. Probably the worst FIFA I’ve played in years in terms of gameplay.


I had to install it on my Notebook, as my PC is just too old :smiley:. Can’t wait to play it now :giroud2:




#FIFA Update

Addressed the following in gameplay:
A situation where cancel was unresponsive after requesting a clearance.
A rare situation where the penalty shootout should have ended earlier.
Increased the CPU AI tendency to attack directly.
An issue where players sometimes overrun the ball after a skill move.
Increased the chance of error from ground crosses (triple tap).
Improvements to ball physics where shots off the goal posts lose too much speed.
Goalkeeper positioning for corner kicks.
Improvements made to player switching from corners and free kicks.
An issue where the player would control the ball instead of attempting a clearance.
Improvements to contested headers logic from corner kicks.
General fixes for player controlled celebrations.
Cut scene for contentious fouls can now be skipped.
Improved the general responsiveness of shooting.
Minor improvement to passing responsiveness when the ball is in the air.

In Pro Clubs, we:
Increased experience required for the higher overall ratings in Pro Clubs. *
Addressed an issue where a player’s customised facial features did not display properly in game.

In Ultimate Team:
FUT Single Player difficulty no longer defaults to your CPU setting.
Addressed an issue where the player is forced to substitute an injured player in FUT online matches.
Corrected the shooting and crossing text in custom tactics

In Career mode, we:
Addressed a situation where the CPU AI would frequently leave star players on the bench.

Visual changes include:
Added new components of the 2016/17 Premier League broadcast package.
Updated team kits, banners and flags for Velez Sarsfield and Tigre.
The goalkeeper now correctly celebrates after catching the final penalty in a shootout.
Addressed an issue where the selected kit isn’t the one used in-game.
Addressed frame-rate issue during pre-match skill game.
Addressed an issue where the fog from a player’s breath was detached from their position.
General overlay fixes.

*As a result of the change to Pro Clubs, some of you may find you’re a lower OVR than before the update. This is intentional and you haven’t lost any of your progress.


Yessss! :grinning: Makes career mode more realistic


Ive noticed a lot of those bugs, especially the one where the defender wants to chest the ball before clearing it - even though you are hammering the button way before.


Yeah there’s a lot of input lag now with the new engine. Like you’ve pressed shot and then half a second later the defender has cleared it when he was nowhere near your player at time of shooting.


Most definately. Offline lag ffs. Keep that shit online away from career mode.


Joe Hart has to be the most overrated overpowered keeper on this game. 50 shots 2 goals in my game against city on legendary. Fuck off to Torino you shampoo cunt.