Fifa 17


Just went back to my arsenal save today and started 2020/21 Team is so good.

Ospina is in goal as Oblak got ruled out for two months day before CS and has done very well keeping 4 cleansheets in the first 6 games so would be harsh to drop him,


             Bellerin Mustafi Zouma Sandro


                     Tolliso Veratti 

                  Mbappe Dybala Martial

Lukaku, Lemar, Iwobi and 32 year old Alexis are the backups

31 year old Özil now plays as a CM and comes on for Tolliso or Veratti at the 70th minute or starts ahead of one of them. Also Xhaka wanted to leave so got in Bakayoko to replace him and slightly tweaked my formation. Dropping the CAM for a DM and two CM’s

Last game played beat City 2-5 at Etihad.


Closet Wenger fan :grinning:



Made it to Division 1 in normal online seasons and now into my second season div 1. Been seeing a lot of Arsenal amongst Bayern, Real, Barca, United match-ups.

But anytime I try playing with Arsenal myself I utterly fail. Anyone got good tips on how to set up Arsenal?



I did not buy Fifa 17, not play one single Fifa 17 game, and not planning to get Fifa 18 if the game play and AI intelligence remains the same.


I was on the fence about buying FIFA 17, but I got it because I had a shit load of Amazon points…so it was free. I won’t buy FIFA 18. It will be the first time in 12 years not buying a FIFA game. EA is one of the worst game developers on the planet. I don’t want to give them one red cent. I’m going to start buying PES, I’d love FIFA to lose the rights just like they lost the rights to their NBA game.




Xbone my dood, do you game?


Don’t just buy PES… rent a day or two and try it first, not everybody likes it, especially after playing Fifa for years.
Some of my friends like it, some think ok, and some just hate it.

Have you tried NHL 17? I think this is one of the best EA sports games in the past few years.


I was a PES fanboy many years ago but then it completely died as it didnt adapt to the next generation of consoles. Played FIFA religiously for the past 5 or 6 years, but this year half way through Fifa 17 I switched to PES 17 and havent looked back. Fifa is total shit. If youre a purist of the game, PES is for you. Every goal feels different and the game has character.


My suggestion for the people who want to switch, remains the same… try it before you buy it :slight_smile:
Rent a game is just a few bucks, better spent $70 and found out you don’t like it and regret.


ps4… :pensive:


I dunno, if you’ve been sucked into FIFA for a decade it’s hard to truly switch in 2 days IMO. I find it really hard to adjust.


I found it hard and nearly gave up. The option file for the ps4 helped a lot and PES feels just as authetic now. First couple weeks is a struggle then you start appreciating the game.


First season with Arsenal. I bough Pulisic and Belotti, but i am struggling to score goals, despite i usually play well and create a lot of chances per game.


There are so much to consider when switching brand…

Like @Midfield_Maestro, I was a diehard PES (Winning Eleven) player… could easily played one full season within a few days… but then it was up to a point that:

1/ so sick of editing names and jerseys… and hate to wait for the batch
2/ get used to the gameplay (or the gameplay never improved) and Fifa was like a new world to me (I believe they were the first to have the 45 degrees diagonal angle in the market).
3/ Fifa had all the licenses and PES/WE had all the fake names (and/or commentating)

So after all these years, we have spent so much time on Fifa, and start getting tired of it… same/very similar game play, stupid AI (like a CPU Per could run and gun with the speedy human player all game long), same old same old Career mode…
When you see a really good/different game, you should have that “new world” feeling the first few times when you play the game.
If PES is that good, you could really feel that immediately or within a couple of days during your trial/rental period. You just don’t want to put the controller down.
I had that feeling when switching from NBA Live to NBA 2k. It was like "Fuck, the game is good, the graphics is good, the players are going into the correction position… " I sold the old game without any hesitation.


How about PC?


I just can’t be fucked with the scouting system in the career mode. Makes transfers such a pain in the arse.


Beat Liverpool 2-1 in the Carling Cup 4th round. They were god damn awful like in the real football :mustafi: . The funny thing is that i am the only big club left the competition :smiley: