Fifa 17


An actual champions league I kinda like it! Beats seeing West Brom, Swansea and Crystal Palace in the top four because fifa is weird as fuck.


Dont worry those teams have been scattered around Europe now in la liga, Die Bundesliga etc haha


So tired of playing seasons online and having some cunt play as Barca or Bayern and constantly scoring worldies from 35 yards out against.

Very frustrating but still a lot of fun. I play pretty much exclusively as Arsenal although I’ve enjoyed games as Leipzig, Schalke and Villareal. 5 defenders or 3 cbs and 2 wing backs is an absolute must though, the only way I stand a chance.


Is anyone else bored already with Fifa…I was ok for the first 2 months, now I cannot be arsed, I turn it on and within about 30 mins of playing i turn it off


That was me about 5 days in!!


Does anyone else hate playing as Arsenal?

I just got relegated from division 6 and my current record is 19-17-17 although my last 8 or 9 matches have all been D or L (I was unbeaten in like 15 games at one point so I feel like crying from frustration right now).

It’s so fucking frustrating.

Arsenal are juuuuuuuuuuust good enough to be 5 star but just shit enough to not be competitive.

I’m constantly playing against Bayern, Man Utd, Real or Barca and constantly getting schooled.

I try playing defensively and parking the bus, I try pressing and attacking, nothing works.

Walcott and Bellerin vs. Coman and Alaba is a FAT JOKE. Bellerin and Walcott against Marcelo and Ronaldo is ALSO a joke.

Sanchez vs Pepe, Boateng, Hummels, Ramos, Pique, Mascherano is also a fucking joke.

My midfield is constantly getting overrun because players like Oxlade and Walcott on the wings can’t pass for shit and always end up misplacing their passes.

Koscielny and Mustafi while decent defenders consistently get fucked in the arse by Reus, Auba, Ibrahimovic, Lewandowski etc.

And if, by some fucked up chance I’m able to defend and hold off the their attack, they usually just score a 30 yard screamer completely undoing any work I’ve done.

It’s so fucking frustrating I literally can’t stand it.

It’s just a constant barrage of Barca/Real/Bayern. I wish we were a 4.5 star team.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to play as Arsenal as well as line-up? I basically HAVE to have 3 CBs and 2 WBs or the game is over before it starts and Ramsey must start as he is my best player in every game basically.

Alternatively does anyone have any decent 4 - 4.5 star teams to recommend?



I hate playing 5 star matches. My team is Lazio, 4 star. Playing loads of fun games and different teams; Lyon, Galatasaray, Fener, Schalke etc. Mind you I’m only in div 7 because I’ve just played 10 games (8-1-1) so it might be a shitty experience higher up.

But Lazio are playing a nice 4-3-3 with 2 fancy wingers (balde and felipe anderson) with a strong finisher in immobile. The midfield has an 84 rated Biglia who is awesome, and you have 3 or 4 decent mids on the bench to bring on for tiring mids. Back 4 and goalkeeper are fine too.

When I’m leading at HT i change system to 433 controlling or defending, so I wont have a CAM but a proper DM instead.

It might not be a team for everyone, but you could give it a few games and find out.


Try 4411 Attack version. Sanchez and Ozil as the two up top. Walcott and Chambo for pace rape on the flanks. Ramsey Xhaka as the mids (they will push forward in this formation). May leave your defenders exposed at times but Ramsey has like 90 stamina so can get back. You should be able to score loads with this. When winning change to a 4141 take ozil off for Coq.


@Cristo This will sound harsh but I don’t think using Arsenal is any excuse for that record. It sounds like what’s really happening is that you’re still adapting to this FIFA, which can happen to anyone on any given year. I say that from my own experience last year and FIFA 14. You’re going to have to be a bit patient.

Every FIFA is different despite what the people who don’t even play the game would have you believe. I had the same issue last year and to get beyond it took hard yards of identifying where you’re getting caught and continually applying small changes to your play here and there in match situations. Key here is not to be ignorant and understand that you will eventually be a quality player. Formation can obviously help but the core problem is always going to be rooted in how you play with the team at your disposal. Once you get more and more accustomed to what works for you, you’ll end up even better than previous years. Last year my loss column was ridiculously high in the first month, but once I learned what works I ploughed through Divisions even more so than previous years.

Taking L’s can be worth it if you come out a much better player and end up going on 12 match winning streaks with any team. You’ll quickly realise Division 6 is full of nothing players once you find your successful formula.

Barca, Bayern and Madrid are obviously harder to beat but it’s still very much a competitive game against them. You surely will play the likes of Juventus, Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Atletico, PSG, Dortmund, Napoli, Inter a few times too as they’re not that uncommonly picked. Don’t worry about teams as much as how to defend as a unit, approach moving the ball, working those little windows of opportunities and generally outsmarting your opponents.


Yeah I think that’s very true. Fifa 17 is my favourite Fifa in years and I think it’s a much better game, though scoring screamers is a bit too easy.

What I think it is is that I am very much an attacking player. I like taking the game to the opponent which often means I get caught on the counter. Fair enough I can handle that, so I switched to a more defensive style. Defensive+counter-attacking and yet I was still getting caught on the counter.

I do find Walcott and Oxlade to be extremely lacking in this game though, compared to other top wingers.

How do you tend to play with Arsenal?


Very good read.



@Midfield_Maestro how is your custom career game going? Thinking of creating one myself.


Fifa AI just got too easy in the end so switched to PES man.


What do you do to beat it so easily?

Legendary dicks me.


Well, thats not good.


Well, thats not good.
Fuck this game. Why the fuck does the board do this. He had years left on his contract and just had a 40 goal season in all comps


So FIFA still haven’t fucking stopped doing that. It used to drive me insane on FIFA 15 when as soon as a player wanted out the board would go above my head and sell players for shite prices.

They sold Cazorla for about 19m when I’d just rejected a 28m bid. Fucking infuriating.


Happened to me aswell but with Fekir also to Bayern. Was the January of his breakout season aswell :cry:

So unrealistic and scripted every year :confused:


So I might have gone a bit mental scoring fuck loads of goals with pretty much every player and dominating the league. Ten players from my team made the top ten scorers and assist tables.

Not one made it into team of the season. I can understand with keepers cos I had to rotate so others got more clean sheets, but the team of the season is lloris, rose, Fernandez (Swansea) riedewald (west Brom) walker-peters (Spurs) wijnaldum, dele alli, wanyama shaqiri musa and Defoe.

I honestly don’t fucking understand the game whatsoever.