Fifa 17


Arsenal have now:

Won the league at Anfield :heavy_check_mark:

Won the at White Hart Lane :heavy_check_mark:

Won the league at Old Trafford :heavy_check_mark:

Won the league at Stamford Bridge :heavy_check_mark:


Interesting read for anyone with a shred of interest in Fifa.

Hidden stats.
I am desperate for more info but just can’t find it anywhere.


I don’t know to what extent it plays a role. I remember in PES I definitely felt momentum swing games.
But in FIFA 17 I feel it less. Also some guys have crazy stats 50 WIN 10 DRAW 3 LOSS for instance. So they beat momentum or have it all the time? :smiley:


it’s not clear if it’s even FUT, online exhibition or simply just career mode tbh.

But the list of hidden traits is fascinating. Selecting a captain with more care is (I believe) actually a thing with tangible benefits.


Thanks AI :joy: :joy: :joy:


I have played both so far(PES 2018 and FIfa18) and i definitely think PES is the better one this year, Fifa is so fucking weird to play, defending is so difficult, player seems to be like stupid(AI) and the movement feel weird, in PES it feels more natural and gameplay seems/feel more smooth.

I used to like Fifa a lot but it has been getting worse and worse lately IMO.




try the skill moves… you may enjoy the game a bit more…

The most strange things for me was, I could lost 3-4 to Bournemouth without a clue at home, but win convincingly away against City!!! Same lineup, same approach…